Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Statistical Analysis

Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Statistical Analysis

Brighton vs Liverpool Prediction

When is Liverpool most likely to score a goal? Liverpool scored 55% of their goals in the Second half, Reds got the job done in the last 15 Minutes of the game Twice.

When is Brighton most likely to score a goal? Brighton unlike the Reds has scored 55% of the goals in the First half.

Who is most likely to score for Liverpool? Mohammad Salah’s Shooting accuracy increases by 4% at Anfield and is likely to score.

Who is most likely to score for Brighton? Mac Allister can score at Anfield given his best shooting Accuracy and the above 2 Shots per match.

Who is likely to win the match? Liverpool: 2 Brighton: 1

Liverpool will host Brighton & Hove Albion at 14:00 UTC in Liverpool on 1 Oct 2022 on Matchday 9. At the moment, Liverpool is ranked 8th in the Standings, while Brighton is ranked 4th.

Liverpool will look to return to contention with a win over the Seagulls in this crucial match. As the international break ends, the Seagulls are preparing to plow more misery upon the Reds.

Brighton vs Liverpool Prediction: Goals Scored and Conceded


Liverpool has been very much dynamic with their scoring pattern so far. In the last 5 matches, they have scored 13 goals with 7 coming second half and 6 in first half.

Liverpool conceded 6 goals in their last 5 matches with most coming in the first half. Liverpool conceded 4 of their last 6 goals in the first half of the match while two were scored in the second half.


With 4 wins, 1 defeat, and 1 draw Brighton has played some excellent this season so far. In their last 5 games, they have scored 9 goals with 5 coming in the first half of the game and 4 in the second half.

As of now, Brighton has been defensively very strong. Overall they have conceded only 5 goals with most of the goals coming in the second half of the match.

Latest Odds

Brighton vs Liverpool Prediction: Home and Away Stats (Last 5 PL games)

Liverpool (Home)

Goals Scored: 3.8
Goals Conceded: 0.8
Top Scorer: Mohamed Salah (5 Goals)
Shots Conversion: 23%

Brighton (Away)

Goals Scored: 2.0
Goals Conceded: 0.8
Top Scorer: Mac Allister (6 Goals)
Shots Conversion: 14%

Brighton vs Liverpool Prediction: Present Form Analysis

In the last five matches at Anfield, Liverpool has:

  • Scored 3.4 goals per match.
  • One clean sheet.
  • Scored in every match.
  • Conceded 0.8 goals per match.

In the last five away fixtures, Brighton has:

  • Scored 2 goals per match.
  • Two clean sheets.
  • Scored in every match.
  • Conceded 0.8 goals per match.

Forwards Statistics


Liverpool has a strong line of attack. Their attack is led by the trio of Mo Salha, Luiz Diaz, and Firmino.

  • Mohammad Salah has scored 2 goals in six outings so far in the Premier League. The Egyptian is playing with an accuracy of 33.33%. He averages 0.39 goals per match with 3.7 shots per goal.
  • Luis Diaz has scored 2 goals in Six outings so far in the Premier League . The player has taken the Least shots to score goals. He has a Shot accuracy of 45.5% this season. He has had 2.5 shots per goal and averages 0.5 goals per match.
  • Firmino has had 2.7 shots per goal and has scored 0.5 goals per match.


  • Alexis Mac Allister has scored 4 goals in six outings in Premier League. Argentine has a shooting accuracy of more than 50% this season. He has scored at an average of 0.66 goals per match and has had 1.8 shots per goal.
  • Pascal Grob has scored 3 goals in six outings in Premier League. he is playing with a shooting accuracy of more than 45% this season.
  • Trossard has managed 0.33 goals per match with 2.2 shots per goal.

Top Scorers for Liverpool in Last Season:

  • Mo Salah: 23
  • Sadio ManĂ©: 16
  • D Silva: 15

Top Scorers for Brighton in the Last Season:

  • Leandro Trossard: 8
  • Neil Maupay: 8
  • Danny Welbeck: 6

Brighton vs Liverpool Prediction: Yellow Card Statistics


The probable players who may be yellow carded from Liverpool are Fabinho, Diaz and Arnold. All 3 have had 0.16 yellow cards per match.


From Brighton, Mac Allister is more likely to be yellow-carded. He averages 0.5 yellow cards per match. Trossard and Webster averages 0.16 cards per match.

Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Defence Statistics


Defensively, Liverpool hasn’t been great this season. Up to this point, they have conceded 0.40 more goals than last season. Only Virgil Van Dijk has more than three clearances in their side. Liverpool’s biggest problem is Interception, where it averages nine interceptions per game.

Van Dijk: Clearance Per Game: 3.2 and Tackles Per Game: 1

Arnold: Clearance Per Game: 0.2 and Tackles Per Game: 1.2

Hendersen: Clearance Per Game: 0.3 and Tackles Per Game: 0.2


Joel Veltman, a football player with extensive experience, is in charge of the Seagulls’ defence. With a passing efficiency of 78%, Veltman averages 4 clearances per game.

Another strong defender, Lewis Dunk, has maintained an average of five clearances per game so far, winning 71% of the overall duels.

Webster: Clearance Per Game: 3.0 and Tackles Per Game: 1.2

Veltmann: Clearance Per Game: 4.0 and Tackles Per Game: 0.8

Dunk: Clearance Per Game: 5.0 and Tackles Per Game: 1.3

Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Goal Keeper Stats

Allison: Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.3 Clean Sheet: 2

Robert Sanchez: Goals Conceded Per Game: 0.50 Clean Sheet: 3

Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Team Stats (All Competitions: 2022/2023)


Matches: 9
Goals Per Game: 2.3
Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.3
Clean Sheets: 2


Matches: 6
Goals Per Game: 1.67
Goals Conceded Per Game: 0.5
Clean Sheets: 3

Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Head-to-Head Statistics

Matches: 35 | Liverpool: 20 | Draw: 10 | Brighton: 5

Recent 5 Meetings: Liverpool: 3 | Draw: 1 | Brighton: 1

Last Meeting: Liverpool defeated Brighton with a score of 2-0 in an away fixture.

This Fixture: By the Numbers

In the last five matches against Brighton, Liverpool has:

  • Scored 1.6 goals per match.
  • One clean sheet.
  • Failed to score only once.
  • Scored 1.8 goals per match in the last five matches at Anfield.

In the last five matches against Liverpool, Brighton has:

  • Scored 1 goal per match.
  • One clean sheet.
  • Failed to score once.
  • Scored 1.2 goals per match at Anfield.

Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Quick Stats


  • Liverpool this season has scored 1.67 goals per match in the second half.
  • Liverpool scores every 35 minutes at home.
  • Liverpool Concedes goal every 134 minutes in home fixture.
  • Liverpool scores a goal every 5 shots at Anfield.


  • Brighton has scored 1 goal per match in the first half in away fixtures.
  • Scores Every 60 minutes in away fixtures.
  • Conceded every 90 minutes in away fixtures.
  • Brighton scores every 7.2 goals in away fixtures.

Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Odds


Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Betting Tips

Over 2.5 goals: yes

*All statistical analysis is based on historic performance. Player performance in the final may not necessarily replicate the recent performances.

Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Predicted Line ups

Liverpool (4-3-3): Alisson;  Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Tsimikas;  Fabinho, Alcantara, Elliott ; Diaz, Jota, Salah

Brighton (3-4-2-1): Sanchez; Webster, Dunk, Veltman; Trossard, Caicedo, Mac Allister, March; Lallana, Grob; Welbeck

Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction: Final Analysis and Prediction

The fixture is expected to be an intriguing one as The Red has looked hot and cold. Brighton unsurprisingly has started to challenge big clubs for the Title race.


Liverpool has had an Edge over Brighton historically. Liverpool has lost only one game against Brighton in the last five matches scoring close to two goals on average. Brighton this season has looked different class altogether. However, a team from Anfield is the Favourite against anyone they play as a host and can get the job done against seagulls.

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