Galwan Clash: PM Modi gets a similar bounce as Pulwama

PM Modi received a 23% bounce in search post the Galwan attack. Post Pulwama terrorist attack the PM received a 25% bounce. So it is almost similar.

Search for PM Modi

Pulwama gave a bigger gain because India Counter attacked: The big difference is that because Indian Planes bombed Pakistan after Pulwama, PM Modi received a further bounce that took him to 65% higher than before Pulwama. Until the attack, the gap between the BJP and Congress was at 2 points. It remained like that even after Pulwama and until the end of the February. But soon after India’s Bombing of Pakistan, BJP began to campaign aggressively and by the end of March, the gap had increased to a massive 16 points. Today the gap is 3 points.

Will Modi make Galwan an important part of the Bihar Election?

In Bihar, which saw a big spike in the two weeks after Pulwama, so far there is no spike for PM Modi. It will depend on how the BJP uses the Galwan Clash over the next few weeks and months given the death of soldiers from the Bihar regiment. The politics has already started.

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