The Modi Speech: Two Opposite Perspectives

Why I liked the Modi Speech (The second segment is below)

by raverantreflect@HKarandikar, Bharat of millennia has given mankind Veda and an all encompassing world view ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” Writer, runner, design consultant. IIT Bombay alumnus

The #COVID2019india is the biggest challenge in @narendramodi ji’ political career. I have no doubt that he will emerge a strong, decisive, and effective global leader from it.

No other leader in recent times has asked people to do what is expected of them as @narendramodi has done
-Giving up LPG and Railways subsidies
-During Demonetisation
-And now for fighting war to defeat #coronavirus
He has got what he asked from people and he will get it again 

He understands even powerful govts can be powerless against a virus that spreads so fast and that has no known cure. @narendramodi didn’t give any false assurance, no soothsayer talk. Plain truth. Show me any other leader in democratic world who can match @narendramodi 

Health should be a personal responsibility and @narendramodi has made it clear to countrymen. Quite unlike a Left Liberal or commie who assures that State will take care. In the same national address @narendramodi asked biz men and others to pay their people in full even they can’t work during this period. No Market economy walla will do this. 

Now @narendramodi gives a simple doable test to his people . #JanataCurfew by Janata on Sunday the 22nd March. People can judge themselves if they meet his test. Undoubtedly @narendramodi defies any categorization like Left or Right, autocratic or people’s leader… is a product of our great Hindu /Bharatiya / Sanatana Dharmik civilization 

That’s why I can say that @narendramodi and his and our Bharat will win this war. If we do our bit. 

First #China hid #coronavirus and allowed its export putting whole mankind in an unprecedented trouble and now there is a community of peacefuls that refuses to cooperate, continue their protests and gathering and weakening India’s fight
#CoronaCrisis #Covid_19 . By Tuesday we will know if we are making any progress in our war against #coronavirus . Else @narendramodi will have to read riot act to any community that defies norms laid down by Govt. 

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Why I did not like the Modi Speech

Alinda Merrie Jan @alindaMjan Disgruntled puppy, Kerala, India

A bit of basic economics for those who are still not able to understand why the PM’s address last night was a huge disappointment

The global economy is going down due to Corona. Indian economy was already looking at a Stagflation (a thread on that at the end). Now Corona is going to hit the economy real bad. Let’s go about it in simple terms.

People are asked to remain at home. There’s no buying/selling taking place. Since the revenue of the companies are falling, employees may get laid off. Unemployment increases. Now that leaves lesser money with the people. Further buying doesn’t happen, i.e., demand falls.That again reduces production, supply falls, more unemployment.

Now this is a circle that keeps pulling the economy down.What the central govt should ideally have done, and what Kerala did last night is a few urgent measures to boost up the economy. Tax cuts & moratorium for producers and public spending and transfer payments for the consumers‘It’s simple,people need to have money with them to spend on goods and services and keep the economy in motion.When that doesn’t happen, the entire economy gets ruined.

The problem with the central govt is that even after repeatedly warning about the slowdown of the economy prior to Corona, even in the recent budget, there was nothing to boost the demand side. We are definitely going into a recession now 

This was published here first