53000 Cases and Counting: Is Worst yet to Come for India?

Coronavirus affected cases in India has crossed 53K mark with more than 1700 registered deaths.

The most alarming thing is the doubling of COVID cases which has now reduced to 11 days from previous 15 days. 

Even after 40 days of nationwide lockdown, there seems to be no decline in the daily number of cases. In an interview yesterday, the director of AIIMS Dr Randeep Guleria said that the cases are likely to peak in the month of June-July.

Maharashtra and Gujarat are the worst affected by Coronavirus. Both the states are witnessing rapid growth in daily COVID-19 cases. Mumbai is the worst hit city with over 10,000 positive cases which is near about 20% of nationwide tally. Gujarat on the other hand has reported around 6500 positive cases as of 6th of May with over 4500 cases alone from Ahmedabad.


India has reported over 3000 cases 3 days in a row. Another state which is witnessing a massive rise in COVID-19 cases is Tamil Nadu. The state has already registered over 4800 positive cases. With migrant worker movement from one state to other and with certain relaxations in the lockdown, it is expected that cases may rise even faster in the next two weeks. The World Health Organisations recently warned all nations about relaxing the lockdown by the certain countries.

On the positive side,, Kerala which experienced an initial spike in COVID-19 cases has reported zero cases in some days. Added to it, the Rajasthan Government’s data reported that more than half of COVID-19 cases have recovered in the state. Rajasthan has reported around 3300 COVID-19 cases with over 1700 recovery. Smaller states like Sikkim, Goa, Manipur and Mizoram has been successful in keeping their states Coronavirus free for now.

India’s fight against Coronavirus has been remarkable for the first 30 days but in the last few days there has been massive rise in the number of cases. The Third phase of lockdown has come into effect since 4th May and there has been certain relaxations in certain zones as labelled by the Central government. However, what is worrying is the daily rise in number of cases is only going up and not coming down in Key States. If the government of the respective States fails to check the rising number of cases in their States in coming days, Chaos cannot be ruled out.

Pic Courtesy: Al Jazeera

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