95% of COVID patients are able to recover, which State is best?

As the Government continues to focus on opening up due to the state of the economy, more and more patients continue to recover.

Yesterday alone 3171 people recovered. Last one week alone 22367 people recovered. The current recovery rate is 95%* (last one week). With 89000 active cases, we are likely to recover 85000+ of the infected people. With asymptomatic cases, it is likely that recovery would be much higher.

Last one week, which of the Top 10 States had the best recovery?

Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Bihar have recovery rate of 98.8%

Rajasthan had a recovery of 97.9%

MP had a recovery of 96%

UP had a recovery of 94.5%

Delhi had a recovery of 94%

Gujarat had a recovery of 93.1%

Bengal had a recovery rate of 93%

Maharashtra was at 92.9%

The Two southern States are ahead due to multiple reasons including far superior healthcare system and rampant testing. Rajasthan is also benefitting from very high testing and a young demographic.


In April we lost 1107 people. In the last one week we have lost 1127 people

In May we have lost 3556 people already.

One thing is clear, States that are heavily testing are ending up with fewer deaths – TN, Andhra, Rajasthan are good examples.It suggests that the healthcare system is better prepared or early detection is helping the situation manage better.

While 95% recovery rate sounds high, even 99% recovery rate will sound less if millions get infected by the Virus. For example, for 10 million infected, 1% dead = 1 lakh people dead. That is why India and Indians should be very careful next few months

*Recovery rate = (Total Recovered)/ (Total Recovered+Total Dead). This number does not include infected cases not reported by the State Government. This number does not include those who are in critical condition for longer duration than sickness period of above 2 weeks.

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