A Message from A Pharmacy Owner Regarding COVID 19

Sania Ahmad

Twitter Id: @SaniaAhmad1111

A message from my husband who has pharmacies and who has, along with his entire team, been working 15-16 hour shifts everyday to home deliver necessary medications to the old and the unwell so that they don’t have to venture out of their houses and risk infections: 

Since long, Indians have made chemists their doctor substitutes.Stomach ache? Fever? Cold? You choose to go a pharmacy rather than to a doctor to avoid ‘unnecessary fees’. You rattle off your symptoms to us and expect over-the-counter medicines that might help you recover quickly 

For minor things, we often don’t deny you, in ordinary circumstances. The times now, however, are anything but ordinary. If you or anybody in your family has any of the symptoms,go straight to the doctor rather than coming to a crowded pharmacy where people with other illnesses.and weak immunities come. Get yourself checked, do not take any chances. Remember that you might end infecting so many others. That chain is endless. Also remember, the virus has been known to be particularly deadly for those with prior ailments. 

Being a novel virus (which you never know you might be carrying in case you have the symptoms), we still don’t know which salts might end up aggravating your condition. So please don’t take any risks or expect miracle cures out of us. Keep yourself and others safe. 

Also, please know that pharmacies are essential servives that shall always remain open. Do not panic. You do not need to hoarde medicines. Please think about others also who might miss important dosages because you were busy buying all the medicines out there. 

It’s easier to be selfish but much more satisfying to be selfless in such times. So please help us help not just you but others also. And most importantly, do not forget to wash your hands, sanitize, and stay at home unless absolutely necessary. We shall sail through this also. 

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