Andhra vs UP, Which State has handled Corona better?

There are a lot of arguments on which state is handling Corona better. Overall, there is a consensus that 3 states are doing a poor job – Delhi, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. However, there is still no clarity on which States are doing the best. We do a head to head analysis to see which State is doing better. We start with AP vs UP and then we check other States as well. We look at 4 metrics.

1.Cases Per Million

UP: 63 per million

Andhra: 118 per million

UP Wins

2.Deaths Per 1000 Cases

UP: 29 per 1000 cases

AP: 14 per 1000 cases

AP Wins

3. Deaths per Million

UP: 1.8 per Million Citizens

AP: 1.6 per Million Citizens

AP Wins

4. Test per Million

UP: 2178 per Million Citizens

AP: 10442 per Million Citizens

AP Wins

The reason UP is able to show relatively fewer cases than Andhra (on per million basis) is because it is testing 5 times lesser. This is validated by the relatively lower death rate in Andhra. Typically lower testing has generally coincided with higher death rates. Overall, because of better testing and fewer deaths, AP Wins!

Caveats: Population figures were from 2011. Andhra follows a two staged testing process approved by the ICMR. Data is not per capita adjusted as AP’s per capita is about 2.7 times higher than UP. Poorer States generally have tended to have fewer Cases