Assam vs Odisha, Which State has handled Corona better?

There are a lot of arguments on which state is handling Corona better. Overall, there is a consensus that 3 states are doing a poor job – Delhi, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. However, there is still no clarity on which States are doing the best. So far we found that AP was doing better than UP while Kerala vs Karnataka was a tie. Now, we do a head to head between Assam and Odisha. As usual, we look at 4 metrics.

1.Cases Per Million

Odisha: 93 per million

Assam: 125 per million

Odisha Wins. After adjusting for testing also, Assam is worse than Odisha

2.Deaths Per 1000 Cases

Odisha: 3.6 per 1000 cases

Assam: 2.1 per 1000 cases

Assam Wins

3. Deaths per Million

Odisha: 0.3 per Million Citizens

Assam: 0.26 per Million Citizens

Assam Wins

4. Test per Million

Odisha: 4678 per Million Citizens

Assam: 6029 per Million Citizens

Assam Wins

While Odisha has done a better job on Cases, when it come to deaths and testing, Assam has done better.  Overall, we could say Assam beats Odisha.

Caveats: Population figures are from 2011.

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