Coronavirus India: Richest States are adding 10 times more cases than Poor States

Coronavirus India: On 6th June, India hit 10000 Cases a day for the first time. Exactly 2 weeks later, we have hit almost 16000 a day.

Yesterday, the top 10 rich states where 450 million people live added 29 new cases per million population.

The Top 6 Poor States where 500 million live added JUST 3 cases per million population.

The difference is stark

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Maharashtra recorded 3874 cases, its highest single day new cases ever

Delhi almost touched Maharashtra by hitting 3600 in a single day yesterday

Tamil Nadu added 2400 cases, its highest ever in a single day

Telangana recorded 546, its highest ever for a single day, It has added more than 1000 cases cases in two days

Gujarat hit 539 yesterday, highest in more than one month for single day new cases

Kerala hit 127, single day highest cases for the State

Goa which had 79 cases two weeks back today has 754 cases. Haryana which had 2000 cases three weeks back has 10000+ cases. Uttarakhand has gone from 900 cases 3 weeks back to 2300 cases yesterday. Karnataka has though managing better than most affluent States added 400 cases yesterday, its second highest ever. These 10 most affluent States added nearly 12000 out of the 15800 cases yesterday.

The 6 most poor States (UP, Bihar, MP, Assam, Odisha and Jharkhand) in the country together added JUST 1387 cases yesterday. More than 500 million people live in these States

Coronavirus India

India’s economy is run on the back of the biggest States while India’s food security is run on the back of the poorest States. So far only food is assured!

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