COVID-19 Why does India have a lower death rate than Global average?

See Chart above, India has significantly lower death rate than Global Average.

Firstly, How is this Death rate calculated?

= (Total Dead)/ (Total Recovered+Total Dead)

Over the last few weeks, India’s death rate which started around 21% has come down to 12.2%. Global average is 19.6%. 

Germany for example is 5.1%, Israel is a remarkable 3%

United States is an incredible 31.8%

How is it for various States in India?

When we consider States with 100 recovered or more, Kerala, Haryana and TN have done better than Israel and Germany!!!

Gujarat is doing as poorly as Trumpland while Maharashtra and MP are not very far behind!

Why has India done better?

1. Our Demography is much younger than most countries. In 2011, median age was 24 years. Israel which has done well has a median age of 30 years. It is therefore quite remarkable that Delhi and TN both with relatively higher median age have done better than most Indian States. Germany has done exceptionally well given its high median age, US inspite of being much younger has reported a high death rate. 

2. India and its various States rolled out lockdown early giving the healthcare system a better chance to manage patients who tested positively for COVID-19

3. As the decaying recovery rate shows, India is catching more and more asymptomatic cases than before (perhaps better than most countries) which tells you a lot about how the administration is working on the ground (Better contact tracing)

4. Some States have managed their patients in an exemplary way. Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Rajasthan in particular have done a great job given the high number of cases. Kerala and Haryana too have managed their relatively smaller volumes well.

This still does not solve our economic issues but atleast, we did not botch it up like America.