COVID Death Rate: Gujarat Worst, Bengal deteriorates, India Improves HUGE

India’s COVID death rate is reducing. On 26th April, 11.9% of completed cases had died (either dead or recovered). Yesterday evening it was 10.9%. Amongst the bigger States only Bengal showed an increase in death. No doubt due to the pressure from the Union Government to report its co-morbid deaths as well. Though Gujarat is still the worst, the death rate has fallen from nearly 1 in 3 cases to 1 in 4 cases now. The other state with a huge drop is Andhra where the death rate has fallen from 15.3% to 7.6%. Apart from improved healthcare (As we learn over time), it is also the scaling up of testing. 

In Gujarat, Tests are up 2 fold in the last 10 days – more than 3000 tests a day. Andhra is the foremost when it comes to testing having Tested more per capita than every State. It increased testing 3 fold. On Thursday, 8000 tests were completed in Andhra in a single day, Maharashtra with twice the population carried out almost the same number of Tests. Bengal on the other hand completed 2000 tests on Thursday having scaled up from 900 a day the week before. Still a long way to go given its huge population. 

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