Delhi out of Control? 10000 Corona cases in 10 days

Delhi is on a record breaking spree adding 10000 cases in just 10 days. Last two days it added more cases than Mumbai!!

It added the last 10000 Cases in 10 days. Before this, Delhi added 10000 Cases in 25 days. The speed has increased and at a crazy pace. Not just this, Delhi has doubled its total deaths in exactly one week!

If the current pace of increase in cases continues, Delhi could end up with 5000 deaths by July! Delhi is heading for another strict lockdown!

What has gone wrong for Delhi?

Delhi was always the second most vulnerable city after Mumbai for ease of spread

  • Delhi Metro Area has the 3rd highest slum population of 1.78 million
  • With a density of population greater than 20000, it is 3rd after Mumbai and Kolkata

But the two biggest reasons for the sudden surge in cases are follows

  1. Relaxations in Lockdown: Starting 19th May, Delhi announced significant relaxations including On Road Transport. Since it takes a week for symptoms to show, notice that the surge in cases came from 25th onwards. This is directly connected to the relaxation in lockdown
  2. Increase in Testing Capabilities: Inspite of relaxation in Lockdown starting 19th of May, Delhi’s testing capacity has not been increased by much. It has carried out 83880 Tests in 16 days from 19th May. In the 16 days prior it carried out 81517, hardly any improvement. This indicates less proactiveness by the Delhi regime in preparing for the relaxation in lockdown.

Arvind Kejriwal Indicated that he is not as worried about the surge in cases as much as the surge in deaths or when the hospital system cannot handle Cases

Mint Calculated that Delhi will get stretched in exactly 19 days if the current pace continues.

India is a jugaad country and Delhi may double its capacity to stretch for 30 days but if the current pace gets worse, Delhi is likely to see another serious Lockdown by the end of June!