Have MP and Rajasthan Once again lost Control of COVID-19 crisis?

In April, both MP and Rajasthan were struggling but by the end of April both States brought the situation under control. However, things have become worse again

Rajasthan has added nearly 1000 cases in the last 4 days, Madhya Pradesh added more than 1000 cases in last 5 days

As a consequence, active cases in Rajasthan has increased suddenly by 48% in Just 8 days. Madhya Pradesh on the other hand has seen an increase of nearly 50% in 8 days.

Why has there been such a big increase in Cases?

  1. Both States have increased testing by nearly 50% in last one week
  2. In MP, the incidence of Cases per 100 tests has increased indicating some improvements in testing
  3. In MP, new hotspots have appeared in Burhanpur and Khandwa district
  4. In Rajasthan, Udaipur, Dungarpur and Jalore districts have emerged as new hotspots
  5. There has been a surge in migrants arrival in Rajasthan. According to the Government, some 13 lakh migrants had registered to return. Some of the new cases are migrants from other States

So a combination of increased testing, emergence of some weak districts and increased migration has led to surge in cases. The Good news is both MP and Rajasthan are not seeing a jump in cases of death indicating early detection and better healthcare support.

With more Lockdown restrictions removed from Today including more internal movement of people, both States are likely to see a spike in Cases. Any further increase in cases will become difficult to manage if not brought in control over the next one week