Imagining a Post COVID-19 World

Imagining a Post COVID-19 World

by 8A39D @v2l2b2

“Moral Vacuum” !!

No one knows how the market will react after this pandemic

Positive impact: Health care will take front seat, Insurance companies & their dodgy way of racking up money will be cut to size

Negative impact: Business around luxury will die


Also, The way people used to change cars on lease or PCP model will say “hang on a minute”. Same with phones. Buying seasonal clothes market will be the worst hit because both China & Italy/France taking a hit

The trail of destruction is unimaginable. One could already see Billions & Billions of $$$ vanishing from top companies like Softbank. Merger & Acquisitions will wait or Govt will be called into bailout or regulate this shark, open broad daylight , cut throat competition 

Essential Service and export businesses like Indian IT & BPO will not be hit & in fact the demand will surge because of the quality & less strain on the top & bottom lines of the western businesses. E.g. every bank in the world relies on an Indian BPO to pick the phone call 

Politically whoever is in power will script history because every known sector will become a greenfield project. Every aspect of the governance- public, private & state controlled would require to be revisited which means RED tape will vanish for a considerable time 

The way Germany is handling this situation is worthy of mention – they are saying we don’t have €€€ at our disposal but we will share our hospital beds. So focus will be back on building infrastructure like hospitals & clinics & test centres. Foreign reserves won’t be that important 

The way food is consumed & how it is produced

  • Very interesting was how Indian shipping industry delivers essentials to EU
  • How Eastern Europeans help UK in packaging fruits in summer
  • How coffee beans are shipped

New trade deals – it’s Brexit phenomenon all over the world 

Both public & private Banks will be under more scrutiny. It will be interesting to see how Banks will prevent themselves from getting into the traps of NPA or another 2008 housing market crash. Interesting to see how many small co operative banks can operate & grant loans 

At geopolitical levels – NATO, G20, Security council will be under tremendous stress to reduce military expenditures by increased co operation between countries. China,Turkey,Venezuela might throw spanner at the plans. India will be expected to run with @narendramodi for stability 

The biggest shift will be that of employers. How much money they can save with only 30% work force in office & rest remote! With better planning on VPN servers remote working is here to stay
E.g. Ppl know this works Cardiff, Mumbai, NY, Bengaluru collaborating on zoom/slack 

E-commerce and food delivery network will become the next postal network. UK is already planning to do 1,00,000 tests a day using NHS, private labs & guess what Amazon! The top 5 biggest job creators will be Supply chain & e-commerce personnel Product ideas will get traction 

Paradigm shift will be the way we can take private classes at a very very affordable rates online

E.g. Yoga, musical instruments, maths, etc

Imagine paying 1000/- a month to attend a course on Skype or zoom versus going to a class physically by paying 4000/- 

It’s way too early to predict how the world will be after 3 months/6 months/ 1 year

But, it’s exciting times

Post corona will be good for everyone who lived to tell the tale

Pls take care everyone & pls cooperate with your local governments

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