Just 3 Big States have actually Turned the Curve of Active Cases!!!

Amongst the bigger States, those with > 10 million population, only 3 have managed to turn the curve of active cases. What it means is that the number of active cases has come down over a period of time


The First State is Telangana (above) which seems to be clearly trending downwards. The only downside risk for Telangana is the very low number of Tests done so far.


Kerala has done a fabulous job and it is understandable, according to Niti Aayog, they have the best healthcare Infra in the country


The third State is Assam which had few cases to start with. In recent times, total number have cases have not fallen below 9 but that is from a peak of 30+

Which States went down for sometime and then went back up? (Minimum 100 cases)

  1. Tamil Nadu went from 1100 cases to about 850 cases before tracking back up again to 2110 active cases.
  2. Haryana went down from 149 cases to 82 and then went back up again now to 258 active cases

States will have to be very careful about being lax too early and losing all the advantage. It needs to be seen if more States can turn the curve over the next 7-10 days after which the 3rd lockdown comes to an end!

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