Karnataka COVID Cases, fastest TRIPLING from 16000 to 48000

Karnataka COVID Cases, fastest TRIPLING from 16000 to 48000

Karnataka COVID Cases: Karnataka has established an unique record, it is the fastest pace at which a State has tripled its cases from 16000 to 48000.

  • Karnataka: 15 days
  • Maharashtra: 18 days
  • Andhra Pradesh hit the 16000 mark on 2nd July, it should hit 48000 mark in 18 days
  • Telangana also hit the 16000 mark around the same time as Karnataka, It should hit 48000 mark in 19 days
  • Tamil Nadu: 23 days
  • Delhi: 30 days
  • Gujarat hit 16000 mark a month before Karnataka, it is yet to touch 48000 mark
  • UP hit 16000 mark on 19th June, yet to touch 48000 mark
Karnataka COVID Cases, fastest TRIPLING from 16000 to 48000

The pace with which the 3 Southern States (Karnataka, Andhra and Telangana) have exploded is remarkable. The three southern states added 8000+ cases yesterday. Two weeks ago they had added 3500 cases in a single day. That is more than doubling of cases per day in just two weeks. Of the 5 Southern States, only Tamil Nadu is showing clear signs of stabilising.

Another State showing warning Signs is Uttar Pradesh which added 2058 cases yesterday. The State has added 10000 cases in just 6 days. While some States like Delhi and Gujarat have stabilised it a bit, the Southern States and now UP are rising up quite a bit.

When one looks at Delhi, it seems to have stabilised after Cases crossed 4000 per million population. It has added about 35000 cases in the last 19 days. The prior 35000 cases were added in just 9 days

Mumbai has been growing at the same pace for more than a month now. A month ago, Mumbai had 4600 cases per million and since then it has added about 1200 cases a day.

Whether this figure holds or not for other States, we have to wait and watch. But it is clear that the Southern States are the new Maharashtra and Delhi.

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