Like HIV, we may Never find a Cure for Coronavirus

The global pandemic has put the world into an unfamiliar and foreign territory, everything has come to a halt. The novel CORONAVIRUS which is responsible for infecting over four million people worldwide has made continuation of daily routine extremely challenging. It is impossible to predict when the virus will disappear and when life will resume normally.

The world health organization (WHO) on Wednesday said that the CORONAVIRUS may become an endemic, just like HIV. WHO emergencies expert Mike Ryan, In an online briefing said that this virus may never go away and become another endemic in our community. He stated it is not possible to put a timeline on the virus and it’s stay, as it is unknown. He was unsure whether a vaccine could prove to be the solution for the world in eradicating this virus. It would take a massive effort even if invented. WHO emergencies expert Mike Ryan also stated that vaccines exist for diseases like measles which still hasn’t been completely eradicated yet.

Worldwide, it has proven to be a challenge to reopen the country. The masses are still infected with the virus and it is difficult to come up with a solution which would help reopen the country while eliminating the risk of further spreading of the virus.

It would take a lot of time and effort to resume normal activities worldwide. Air travel, tourism, are a couple of factors which need to be well thought out about before restarting. It is a difficult road ahead, but measures can be taken to contain it, without risking another outbreak.

The WHO is uncertain and unsure about the future of the world with the virus and is not able to predict anything regarding its elimination. It must be noted that till date hardly any virus has been cured, however, with the help of vaccination the spreading of Virus can be prevented. In coming months or a year humans may be able to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 which may help in preventing the spread of virus.

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