Masks, Sanitizers and Namaste – New Normal for World After Coronavirus

Nitesh Singh

Twitter id: @nitssingh77

The COVID-19 outbreak has exerted unprecedented challenges upon human civilisation. Life after COVID-19 may no more be the same. In times of COVID-19 one of the key priorities of human is to protect themselves from coming in contact with Coranvirus.  Wearing a face mask, using sanitiser and maintaining a social distance has become part of daily life an individual. And once this Coronvirus departs, the pandemic could leave behind a permanent reminder to humans- a mask and a sanitiser as part of daily essential needs. 

Since the spread of COVID-19, world has refrained itself from being in social contact with each other. Normal greetings have changed completely. The Indian traditional practice of greeting with a “Namaste” has taken centre stage since then. Namaste originated from Sanskrit meaning “I bow to you”. People around the world are worried that shaking hands, hugging and kissing on the cheek might help spread the virus. From US President Donald Trump to Prince Charles to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, everyone did ask their citizen to greet by folded hands instead of usual handshakes. The ritual or belief of 1.3 billion Indians is today being acknowledged by all.

Once this pandemic ends, the world society may undergo a complete overhaul. People may prefer staying at home rather than hanging out with friends. World economy which has already been affected may see a major shift to e-commerce. More than that the home culture is bound to change, thanks to COVID-19. Many companies would prefer work from home as a major part of their business. More than anything the animals around may get a better world after this Pandemic is driven away. Mother earth may become greener and climate may gain some of its normality.

The way we used to look the things, the way we used to appreciate the physical appearance may be replaced to some extent. COVID-19 has shown the world that no matter who we are, what we do, nature is always superior, and it will prove us every time we try to dominate it. An invisible virus, Coronavirus have completely changed the way of our life. People are no more worried about what they are wearing, no more worried about brands but only thing they are worried about is to have a mask on their face and carry a sanitiser along. Social distancing has become part of life. Once COVID-19 ends, mask, sanitisers and social distancing will become new normal of human world.

When COVID-19, which originated in China, started making foreign tours, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promoted Namaste in order to make sure that world adopts no contact way of greeting. In an address to nation on March 19th, Modi said that the world is shifting to Namaste and if anyone of us have forgotten to use the Namaste, now it is the time to remember it. USA president also asked people to shift to no contact greetings and said that India and Japan were way ahead of the curve.

Designer clothes, branded shoes may now be replaced by designer face masks and branded sanitisers. About one third of the world is under lockdown at present. COVID-19 is believed to spread via droplets from the sick person therefore having a face mask may prevent a healthy person from coming in contact with it. The way situations have been created people are poised to embrace washing hands regularly, having a face mask and using sanitizers. This may infact become the  new normal for the world.


Human journey in this world have undergone several stages of changes. From living a life of nomads to discovery of fire and to creating a concreate jungle, humans mastered the art of dominating mother Earth. However, at the peak of development humans now find themselves helpless because life has become more important than developing a missle to bring down a nation into ashes. We may not like, we may not accept however, once COVID-19 ends, it will leave behind a new normal in the lives of every human beings. Face masks, sanitisers along with social distancing will become part of our lives. Therefore, world should embrace itself to accept Face masks, sanitisers and may be Namaste as a new normal.

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