Most Affected Indian States are slowing down Corona Testing!!

4 out of the top 10 Indian States have slowed down Corona testing during the last one week

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Bihar make up for 58% of Corona Cases in India. Further, Maharashtra, TN and Gujarat are in the Top 4 in terms of number of Cases.

In the last one week, these 4 States together carried out 219294 Tests. In the week prior to this, these 4 States carried out 234999 Tests, a reduction of 7%. It is difficult to understand why Tests are coming down inspite of Cases increasing quite rapidly in those 4 States

Let us look the last lockdown and Observe 3 of these 4 States – Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

Between 9th and 15th May, these 3 States combined carried out 159582 Tests. In the week of 2nd May to 8th May, these 3 States Combined Carried out 179983 Tests. So if you notice, these States are slowing down their testing rate at the end of a Lockdown period either because they want favourable categorisation from the Centre or for justifying their own decisions. Of course it could all be a coincidence!

The fact that the Centre is sitting through all of this suggests that the economic worries are far bigger than we can imagine and these 3 biggest manufacturing states want to get on with their lives. By reducing the testing, the impression is that things are all right. But the reality in two of these 3 Big States, the lack of hospital bed availability, chaos in treatment and so on are known to the Public. The lower testing cannot hide that chaos!