Nassim Taleb: 5 Conditions for Phase 1 Opening after Lockdown

Nassim Taleb, well known author and expert on probabilities was one of the earliest to warn regarding the dangers of COVID-19. Today, he tweeted about potential conditions for reopening after Lockdown. He called it phase 1- 

+ Mandatory masks in public

+ Tests

+ No superspreaders: subways, urologists conferences, etc.

+ Monitoring of passengers

+ Economists & psychologists stay locked-up at in permanent quarantine. (:))

It needs to be seen if not wearing masks in public will attract a severe penalty when parts of India will open up after May 3rd. On Testing, India is likely to hit 1 lakh daily test mark between Middle and End of May. And that will only go up over the next few months. 

Here is another Insightful Comment by Nassim Taleb over the last few days.

There is this illusion that the economy is harmed by the reaction to the virus rather than by the virus. In fact, if anything, it is harmed by the lack of EARLY reaction to the virus.

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