Relaxed Karnataka Triples Active Corona Cases in Two Weeks

Relaxed Karnataka Triples Active Corona Cases in Two Weeks

Karnataka had 601 Active Cases on 17th of May, It is 1950 today!

Karnataka still has one of the lowest case counts amongst the bigger States but the momentum is worrying.

1000 to 2000: 10 days

2000 to 3000: 7 days

Last 1000 cases: 5 days

What has gone wrong in Karnataka Suddenly?

  1. Many of the new cases are Karnataka migrants returning from other States. Karnataka is one of the largest contributors of migrants to Maharashtra
  2. Because of just 600 Active Cases on 17th, Karnataka opened much more from the 18th than almost every other State. This has also led an increase in cases
  3. Karnataka has scaled up testing quite rapidly in the last two weeks resulting in detecting more cases
    • By 16th of May , Karnataka had carried out 140000 tests, UP had carried out 163000 Tests by then
    • By 23rd May, Karnataka scaled upto 196000 tests, UP moved up 217000 cases
    • But between 23rd and 30th May, Karnataka scaled up to a massive 280000 tests catching up with UP Finally

With the State almost full opening up, it is unclear if the State can cap this over the next 2 weeks. However, given its relatively lower density of population and larger homes, Bangalore will never blow up like Mumbai. However, sustained increase in Karnataka will disrupt businesses and families throughout the State once again.

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