Tamil Nadu Coronavirus cases are reducing: Good News Finally

Tamil Nadu Coronavirus cases are reducing. Let us look at key positive trends

  • New Cases addition has reduces 5 days in a row
  • Active Cases have reduced two days in a row
  • Recovery is particularly good in Chennai where yesterday there was a reduction of 900 active cases
  • On the Internet, search levels for Covid symptoms are at the same level as two weeks ago

Tamil Nadu coronavirus cases are reducing Primarily due to Intense Lockdown

The primary reason for this reduction is the intense lockdown for nearly 17 days starting June 19th. As contact between people reduced, cases have started to go down. For example on Google Mobility

  • Between June 1st and June 18th, change from February to June on staying at home was 17%
  • However between June 19th and July 3rd, this increased to 24%

So more people stayed at home reducing the new cases.

Tamil Nadu coronavirus cases are reducing: Time to Celebrate?

Until these numbers keep going down beyond 12th or 15th of July, one cannot say that cases will continue to go down. However, looking at the data, it is likely that Chennai may be in for good days ahead. In Chennai 31% of the cases are active versus rest of Tamil Nadu at 38%. But one must continue to be careful following all safety norms for another 8-12 weeks just to be sure.

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