The difference between Social Distancing and Quarantine

By Seema Nath @seemanath PhDcandidate @Cambridge_Uni @CamEdFac, researching Disabilities & Education. Member@CaNDER_Research@REAL_CentreEditor@fersacambridge Ex-@earthinstitute @cfr32

Difference between Social Distancing & Quarantine

Recently,I returned home to India from @Cambridge_Uni as it became increasingly clear this pandemic may last a while.For the past few weeks in Cambridge,my friends & I have practised social distancing & now I am in self-imposed quarantine 

We interpreted social distancing as minimising contact. It meant cancelling social plans and stepping out only to get groceries or essentials. Additionally washing hands thoroughly as soon as anyone entered the house was a priority and keeping all surfaces in the house clean. Social distancing did not stop anyone from mingling in the house or having a conversation over a cup of tea or sharing the kitchen & bathroom. The main objective was to minimise contact with the outside world unless necessary & following @WHO hygiene & guidelines for #covid19 . While travelling I ensured I kept my mouth covered, did not touch my face (been practising for a few weeks & it works if you practice), sanitised any surfaces I touched, frequently washed hands or used hand sanitiser.The goal was to ensure I do not become a vector if I have it 

@CSMIA_Official in Mumbai had temperature & symptomatic screening of passengers facilitated by @mybmc, medical team & Mumbai Police. The passengers had to fill a self-declaration form & submit to the medical team & immigration officer. The entire process was smooth and fast. I followed the same hygiene practices on my next flight until I reached home. Since reaching home I have been in self-quarantine & I would like to share what it entails. I do know that having this space to self-quarantine is a privilege and I acknowledge it.

Self Quarantine 

– I am in a room with an en-suite bathroom and only I am using it currently

– I have a separate set of utensils which I wash and then it is taken away to serve fresh food

– I constantly clean any surfaces I touch (doorknobs, handles, dishes, tables, etc. in the room)

– I am talking to my family a distance

– I keep a check on my temperature and symptoms

Aside from this am back to writing my thesis, watching @NetflixIndia, doing some yoga in the room,chatting with friends on the phone & reading research abt #COVID19 #CoronavirusOutbreak 

So in self-imposed quarantine,my existence is limited to one room in the house. It does take a toll at times but I am doing diff things to keep myself occupied. Many people are asymptomatic but carriers so it is our social responsibility to ensure that we reduce it where we can. I am currently in Day 3 of my 14-day self- imposed quarantine.If any of you have traveled from an affected country or have flu-like symptoms please self-quarantine beyond social distancing. It is our collective responsibility to flatten the curve & support the health workers 

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