Top 5 COVID-19 Symptoms according to Indian Council of Medical Research

According to ICMR, the top 5 COVID-19 symptoms reported at the time of collecting test samples are as follows

  1. Cough (64.5%)
  2. Fever (60%)
  3. Breathlessness (31.9%)
  4. Sore Throat (26.7%)
  5. Myalgia – Muscle Pain (12.5%)

These reports are on the basis of data collected between January 22nd and April 30th of 2020.

Family members of existing COVID-19 made up for 44.6% (10160 Cases out of 22425 known cases) of all Cases for which info is available indicating a high chance of spread within the household. Even after including unknown cases, family members make up for 25% of all cases.


Stay Safe India!

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