20000 per day!!! Unlock 1 Crashes India

Unlock 1 does not seem to be going well for India so far. Massive number of new cases and deaths despite testing not going up at the same pace

Unlock 1: India Hits Daily All Time High, 8 States Hit Daily High

India reported 20000 cases in a single day yesterday with 8 States hit all time highs for daily number of Cases

Unlock 1 Effect: Maharashtra Recorded Daily All Time High of 6368 Times

Many other States while not reporting all time highs reported numbers close to that – TN and Delhi for example together reported 6600 numbers. Karnataka reported a massive 918 numbers but one would think this is an exception as the State was reporting less than 500 Cases everyday.

Comparison between Lockdown Period and Unlock 1

Total Cases

Lockdown Period March to May End: 1.9 lakhs in 68 days

Unlock-1 Period June 1st to 27th: 3.4 lakhs in 27 days

Total Deaths

Lockdown Period March to May End: 5405 in 68 days

Unlock-1 Period June 1st to 27th: 10698 in 27 days

Total Tests

Lockdown Period March to May End: 38 lakh tests in 68 days

Unlock-1 Period June 1st to 27th: 42 lakh tests in 27 days

On every metric it appears India was almost doubling its numbers at half the time. This is worrisome because with Unlock 2 coming soon, it is highly likely that these statistics will only get worse. If we continue at this pace, we will probably hit 1 lakh cases a day by 4-5 weeks.

Tough days ahead for India!

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