Update:India is now 4th rank on New COVID-19 Cases!!

Worldometer tracks COVID-19 cases from around the world. Here is the latest update on new cases across the world

India was ranked 4th yesterday and it has been hovering between 5th and 6th until recently. This means that while rest of the world is slowly reducing its active cases, two months into the lockdown, India continues to add higher and higher numbers of new cases. The problem also for India is that it has one of the lowest testing ratios in the world with just 1744 tests per million, only Mexico is lower (in the top 10).

However, it is not all bad news. India is ranked 11th in terms of Total Cases and recovered cases. But when it comes to total deaths, India is ranked 16th. This means, we are less likely to lose people than many countries in the world. Our younger population and natural resistance is helping us even after infection.