Today Amazon Quiz Answers, 16th September

Today Amazon Quiz Answers, 16th September

Question 1. India and which other country were declared joint gold medal winners of the Online Chess Olympiad of 2020?

Answer 1: Russia

Question 2. Which automobile manufacturer has launched a Virtual Racing Championship called ‘Polo Championship’ in India?

Answer 2: Volkswagen Motorsport India

Question 3. Ashwani Bhatia has been appointed by the Government of India as the managing director (MD) of which bank?

Answer 3: State Bank of India

Question 4. India’s longest river ropeway project connecting the northern and southern banks of the Brahmaputra river was inaugurated in which state?

Answer 4: Assam

Question 5. Hosted and organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute, what week was celebrated globally during 25-30 August?

Answer 5: World Water Week

How to Play the Amazon Quiz Time?

  • Download the Amazon App from from the app store or play store
  • Sign in into your Amazon Account or create a new account
  • Once you login, look for a search box at the top
  • Type Fun Zone in the search box. Once you click enter, you will be shown the Fun Zone, click Fun Zone
  • Once you enter the Fun Zone, if it is between 8 am and 12 noon daily, you will see QUIZ TIME LIVE. Click that and start playing
  • There are 5 questions and all 5 have to be correct for you to to be eligible to win exciting prizes
  • A lucky draw is carried out amongst all those who have got all questions correct and result is declared in the afternoon in this page
  • Minimum of 10-15000 users participate in the quiz everyday

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