History of Railways In India

History of Railways in India dates back to 1837 when Arthur Cotton ran Red Hill Railways from Red Hills Chennai to Chintradipet Bridge in Chennai then Madras. However, train was only used to transport granite for road building.

The first passenger train in India was operated on 16 April 1853. It was operated by Great Indian Peninsula Railway and it ran from Bori Bunder in Mumbai to Thane. The first passenger train in South India ran from Royapuram- Veyasarapady (Madras) to Wallajah Road (Arcot) on 1 July 1856. Source Wikipedia

History of Railways In India

History of Railways In India : Changes Since 1853

The classification of Indian Railways to different zones began in the year 1951. In the same year Southern, Central and Western Zones of Indian railways were created. Today the Indian railways is divided in 18 different zones. South Coast Railway Zone is the newest of all the railway zones and it is headquartered at Vishakapatnam. The operation of South Coast Railway Zone began in 2019.

At present Indian railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world by size. As of March 2019, the total route length of Indian railways 67,415 kms. The Indian Railways is operated by Ministry of Railways under Government of India. As of March 2019, Indian Railways’ rolling stock consisted of 289,185 freight wagons, 74,003 passenger coaches and 12,147 locomotives. It must not be forgotten that Indian railways is the World’s eight largest employer as of March 2019.

What started as a three coach steam engine train, today over 50% of the Indian railways routes are electrified. Railway electrification in India began with the first electric train, between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Kurla on the Harbour Line, on 3 February 1925 on the Great Indian Peninsula Railway.

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By rail route, Indian railways not only connects Indian states and Union Territories but Indian Railways also connects to foreign countries. At present Indian railways has connecting railways to Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Soon Indian railways is expected to have connecting route to Myanmar.

History of Railways In India

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