Cardinals vs Brewers Prediction and MLB Odds

Cardinals vs Brewers Prediction and MLB Odds

Milwaukee Brewers is predicted to win their upcoming game against St. Louis Cardinals as per the latest Cardinals vs Brewers Prediction and MLB Odds

St. Louis Cardinals is set to meet Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday at American Family Field. This will be the first of 4 games series that takes off on April 14th and continues up to Sunday, April 17th. Cardinals Pitcher, Jordan Hicks who is yet to start this season is rumored to be a part of the team when the Cardinals play the Brewers on Thursday night.

This will be the 5th game of the season for the St. Louis Cardinals while for the Brewers it will be the 7th game of the season.

Going into the game, the Milwaukee Brewers being a home side will have an edge over the St. Louis Cardinals. While betting on the MLB Picks Today, the odds for Brewer’s victory is higher than the odds for Cardinals’ victory.

Cardinals vs Brewers Prediction and MLB Odds: Players to Watch Out


Third baseman Nolan Arenado has been excellent in the season so far. Last season, the six-time All-Star hit 34 home runs and batted in 105 runs. This season too he has continued his excellent form as he has averaged .438 runs so far. He has 3 home runs so far and has batted in 9 runs so far.

First baseman Paul Goldschmidt has a good batting eye and can also play solid defense. Last season, the six-time All-Star racked up 31 home runs and 99 runs batted in. This season he is yet to open up his batting stats table.


The Brewers star has been Christian Yelich so far in this season. The 2018 NL MVP belted 36 and a career-high 44 shots in his previous two full seasons. In this season, Yelich has averaged .250 runs so far this season. He has no home runs to his name so far but has batted for 2 runs.

Cardinals vs Brewers Prediction and MLB Odds: Head-to-head

The Brewers and Cardinals have a very long history of head-to-head clashes. The first game between the two teams was on October 12th, 1982. Milwaukee Brewers defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in the very first head-to-head clash between the two teams.

Since then the two teams have played a total of 409 head-to-head games. Of 409 games, St. Louis Cardinals have won 232 games while the Milwaukee Brewers won 177 games.

At the home ground of the St. Louis Cardinals, the two teams have played 205 games, with the home team winning 112 games and the visitors win 93 games.

When not Milwaukee Brewers hosted the St. Louis Cardinals, the Cardinals won 120 of the 204 games and the host Brewers won the remaining 84 games.

The two teams have clashed in 13 playoff games, with the Cardinals having the upper hand. They won 8 of the 13 games.

Cardinals vs Brewers Prediction and MLB Odds: Last Season Stats

The St. Louis Cardinals had an average last season. They played a total of 162 regular-season games and won 90 games while facing defeat in 72 games. They finished 2nd in the NL Central points table. Making it into the playoffs they were up against Los Angeles Dodgers in the Wild Card Game. However, their journey ended after they were beaten by the Dodgers (1-0).

Milwaukee Brewers on the other hand, of 162 games won 95 games and lost 67 games. The Brewers ended the regular season as leaders in NL Central points table and were crowned NL Central Champions. However, they lost to Atlanta Braves in the National League Division Series

Cardinals vs Brewers Prediction and MLB Odds: Match Details

  • Los Angeles Angels vs Los Angeles Dodgers Game 1 of 3 Game Series
  • Scheduled Date and Time: April 12, 5:14 PM EST
  • Host Team: Milwaukee Brewers
  • Where to Watch: You can stream MLB games via, via the MLB app, and through MLB.TV using Cable login.

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