New York Yankees vs Seattle Mariners Odds and Predictions

New York Yankees vs Seattle Mariners Odds and Predictions

New York Yankees is predicted to win against Seattle Mariners as per latest New York Yankees vs Seattle Mariners Odds and Predictions

Thursday night New York Yankees defeated the visitors Seattle Mariners in first game of 4-games series. The two teams will once again come face to face tonight for 2nd game of the series at Yankee Stadium.

Seattle Mariners are currently 3rd placed team among the AL West teams while New York Yankees too is a 3rd placed team in AL East points table. The two teams have played a 4 games this season. New York Yankees won 3 games while Mariners have just 1 win over the Yankees this season.

On Friday the two team will meet each other once again at Yankee Stadium located in Concourse, Bronx, New York City.

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New York YankeesSeattle MarinersPredicted Winner
SmarketsOdds: 1.47Odds: 2.22New York Yankees
Betting ExpertOdds: 1.51Odds: 2.65New York Yankees

New York Yankees vs Seattle Mariners Odds and Predictions: Recent Form

Before facing Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees won a series against Baltimore Orioles by 2-1. Talking about the form of Yankees this season, they have won 58 games and lost 49 games as of now. They currently rank 3rd in their group. In last 10 games Yankees have won whopping 7 games and lost just 3.

Their home as well as on road campaign has been quite similar this season. On roads, of 54 games, they have 29 wins and 25 defeats while hosting teams at home, they have played a total of 53 games as of now. Of 53 games they have 29 wins and 24 defeats.

Seattle Mariners on the hand have have maintained the form similar to Yankees as of now. They are 3rd placed team in their group as they have won 58 games and lost 51 games as of now. They won the 3 games series against Tampa Bay Rays by 2-1 but were defeated in last game before they took on Yankees on Thursday.

Talking about the stats hosting teams at home this season, the Mariners have 33 wins in 56 games while they have lost 23 games at home. On roads Mariners have managed to win 25 games while lost 28 games. Currently they are on a two games winning streak.

New York Yankees vs Seattle Mariners Odds and Predictions: Stats

Looking at the offensive stats of New York Yankees, they have .235 batting average and overall they have scored 439 runs this season. Defensively they average 3.77 ERA with 1.17 Whip.

Mariners on the other hand have maintained a batting average of .221 and have scored a total of 460 runs this season. They 4.48 ERA and have had 33 quality starts.

Offensive Stats

TeamBatting Average
Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees.281
Ty FranceSeattle Mariners .277
J.P. CrawfordSeattle Mariners.267
DJ LeMahieuNew York Yankees .264
Mitch Haniger Seattle Mariners .260
Gleyber Torres New York Yankees .246

Defensive Stats

Justus SheffieldSeattle Mariners6.48
Jameson TaillonNew York Yankees4.11
Yusei KikuchiSeattle Mariners 3.89
Chris FlexenSeattle Mariners 3.75
Jordan Montgomery New York Yankees 3.61
Gerrit Cole New York Yankees 3.11

New York Yankees vs Seattle Mariners Odds and Predictions: Head-to-head

New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners have played quite a good number of games against each other. A total of 446 games have been played between the two teams which includes both regular season as well as playoffs games.

New York Yankees have won 257 games while the Mariners have won 189 games. Hosting Mariners, Yankees have won 127 games and lost 92 games to Seattle Mariners while playing the the backyard of Seattle Mariners, they have won 130 games and lost 97 games.

In last 5 games between the two teams, Yankees have had 4 wins and just 1 defeat. Last time the two teams met was back in July 2021 when Mariners defeated the Yankees by 4-0 score difference.

New York Yankees vs Seattle Mariners Odds and Predictions: Predicted Winner

New York Yankees will host Seattle Mariners for the second game of 4 games series starting on Thursday. This season the two teams have played 4 games against each other with Yankees winning 3 and Mariners winning 1. The recent form and also considering the home advantage, New York Yankees have an edge over the Mariners in this game.

FiveThirtyEight, too predicts a win for Yankees in this game. As per them, New York Yankees have 61% win probability while the chances of Seattle Mariners defeating New York Yankees stands at 39%.

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