Air India Express plane breaks up on landing, 18 Dead (Pictures and Videos)

Air India Express Plane from Dubai breaks up on landing at Kozhikode Airport. There are 191 people on board. Initial reports suggest the Pilot and 2 passengers were killed. The Pilot had done one Go around and the plane broke into two during the second attempt. Heavy rain was forecast in that region. (Updated with Morning Visuals below)

18 Dead so far including the Captain and Co-Pilot. Many of those in the plane crash had lost their jobs. Captain Deepak Sathe has been identified as the Pilot killed in the Crash. . Pilot Death Confirmed. Deepak Sathe was an accomplished Pilot with an exemplary resume. Air India, HAL Test Pilot and Indian Air Force Captain Sathe, appears to have saved many lives today. Sad that we have lost him. Co-Pilot Akhilesh Kumar is also dead.

ATC and Pilot Actions will be under the scan as the crash appears to be similar to Mangalore crash. In that case, the Pilot refused multiple suggestions to Go Around. The Pilot in fact was sleeping most of the time as the plan approached Mangalore. In this case, the Pilot attempted to land on Runway 28 which needed a speed of 149 kts. He then attempted to land on Runway 10 at a speed of 176 kts.

Air India has one of the worst crash records in the world

Plane has split into 3 parts with highest deaths likely in the front section that may have come hurtling down the small slope/cliff

First Visuals from this morning

Blood Donors for the Plane Crash Injured
Air India Express plane breaks up on landing, 18 Dead (Pictures and Videos)

More Photographs of the Plane Crash

Newer Photo angles…you can see how the plane seems to have fallen off the table top

Scene from the Hospital

The World’s Baby 🙁

New Photos from the Crash Scene

PM Spoke with Kerala CM, Home Minister is sending NDRF

Aircraft is 14 years old and is a Boeing 737-800.

Passenger List

Scenes from the Terminal

YouTube video

Rescue Operations continue

Video from Crash Site

YouTube video

Aircraft is complete mess, another angle

DGCA Statement

Kozhikode Table top runway


The IMD had issued a red alert for heavy rainfall yesterday

Air India Express plane breaks up on landing (Pictures)

Kozhikode is a Table Top runway which means high levels of flying skills are needed

YouTube video

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