Crowd’s Voice: Here is why Lockdown Should be Extended..

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It is clear that extension of Lockdown will help control spread of cases through people. It implies that people are not currently satisfied with the control. Some key comments

From my perspective the lockdown should be extended for atleast till last of May because as we seeing per day cases are rising more in India as of today the highest number of deceased also in a day that is 49 and that’s huge

Having a calibrated response would be the right answer. You cannot shut down the entire geography. You have to target both stimulus as well as measures. By now, the government would have a fair idea on the hotspots. Shut them out completely. Government has distributed cylinders and power to the ultra poor, so we have the data where they are. Target stimulus and relief for them since they would be work less and food less.

Lockdown should be extended to ensure safety and complete protection from covid19 because cases are rising daily and we need to follow it strictly to free from this uncured pandemic.

I think all states should take decision related lockdown extention because there are more cases came day by day and it is a type of infection and flue which affect everyone and more than 300 districts effected by coronavirus. This is compulsory because there will not over crowding during buying things at shops and people can safe at their homes and not get infected. Already odisha extended their lockdown to April 30. It is the only way to control the coronavirus.

It would be right decision to extend the lockdown… As we know about the population of India, it must be harmful if we lead our life by daily routine basis. Having illiteracy among 26% people of India, can easily helps to spread Covid-19. Moreover there is less heath care system by the basis of our country population… As we know “Precaution is better then cure”… So lockdown should to be extended.

Yes it is the right decision to extend beyond April 14th because I can see COVID 19 cases have been growing at alarming rate at least since for a week. In this critical scenario lifting up the Lockdown may cause severe issues to the Government as well as the Public.

The lockdown should be definitely be extended beyond 14th April as already in the lockdown the daily figures are increasing in hundreds. If we open the lockdown people will rush to places in trains and buses and chances of infections will rise as there will be many asymptomatic people who might not be aware that they are infected and will spread the infection unknowingly. Also presently our hospitals are already overburdened with patients and with sudden surge the system might collapse. This also will increase chances of infection amongst health care workers.

In my opinion lockdown should be extended for another 2-3 weeks. A lot of state govt. as well as experts are requesting the central govt. to extend the lockdown. Most big states like maharashtra, u.p, madhya pradesh, tamil nadu, telangana…the corana cases has been on raise. So, the extension of lockdown will help to reduce the increasing numbers of covid-19 cases.

The lockdown should be extended further because coronavirus is still not in control in our country. Stay Home, Stay Safe is the only way possible to stop the spread of coronavirus in India.

I think that the lockdown should be extended. As one infected person can infect more than 100 people. In States like Rajasthan situation is under control but outbreak can happen any time so we need to eradicate virus ASAP. But also one need to take care of poor people living around them and distribute essentials to them as lockdown will badly affect people in rural area who used to come in search of work in cities. I am a BTech student but I feel like I am facing some losses although college is organising online classes but for an engineering student what matters most is practicals and I can not perform them and learn new things. Due to current lockdown there will be huge loss to Indian economy but As our Prime Minister has already stated that People’s life will be on priority and economic losses can be recovered later on. Also Chief minister of Rajasthan and others appealed for lockdown extension and in the city of Bhilwara, Rajasthan has had cases of the virus crop up – over 25 at this point – but have managed to contain the spread with the gap between cases up to five days at one point. The city has reported one case in the past nine days. So yes I think with this spirit and continuation of lockdown we will surely contain corona.

After the first case of Covid-19 was detected in the country, more than 5,095 people have tested positive and some 166 people have died. As testing has ramped up, the true picture is emerging. The virus is beginning to spread through dense communities and new clusters of infection are being reported every day. A harsh and long period of lockdown is needed to slow down the virus from spreading.

 If we want to save the country than we have to extend the lockdown further. Also govt. Need to act more in the place of violence because some goons are spreading the disease intentionally within the country nd also they are not not afraid of anyone law and order, Miscreants should be punished on spot because unless we take some action they won’t obey. Also govt. Should help the needy people.
I think lockdown should be extended for sure. The reason is very simple. The cases are increasing daily and with the population that we have and so many people at home from so many days lifting lockdown will have a bottleneck effect. There will be way to many people at same place and at same time. Now, if even 1 of these is a carrier of Covid 19 or infected with the same can infect around 400 people in his/her proximity without even knowing. Now if you multiply this number from 1 to 400 the number comes is quite a big threat. If we have learned anything from other countries is that we have to stay put. Try and let the experts find a cure or vaccination for this virus. And we as citizens should not leave our premises until there is something very important.The rate at which this virus spreads is quite fast and if one gets infected can take from 2-15 days to show symptoms which is a huge area of concern for us. So lifting lockdown will actually nullify all the work done till now. That’s my opinion.

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