Pistons vs Bucks Prediction and Odds

Pistons vs Bucks Prediction and Odds

Pistons vs Bucks Prediction and Odds: The Milwaukee bucks are expected to win this game as per the bookmakers and Stats.

The Milwaukee Bucks will play the Detroit Pistons on the road on Monday night at Little Caesars Arena. The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Bucks 114-102 on the road. The Detroit Pistons fell to the Chicago Bulls at home 108-126. The start time is set for 7:10 PM ET. This will be the second meeting between both sides, The First meeting was dominated by the Bucks, Who thrashed the Pistons 116-91.

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Pistons vs Bucks Prediction: Last 5 Games Analysis

The Milwaukee Bucks have won 2 of the last 5 away games.

The wins came against the likes of the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks. They lost to the Miami Heat. (2) and Cleveland Cavaliers. Overall, the Bucks have managed to win only 11 out of 12 away fixtures so far.

In the last 5 away games

  • The Milwaukee Bucks have scored 104.8 points per game.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks have conceded 109.0 points per game.
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 3 points or less: 0
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 4-10 points: 3

Detroit Pistons has been awful at home and have won 1 out of its last 5 home matches. Detroit Pistons’ only win came against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The defeats came against the likes of the Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Pelicans, Philadelphia 76ers and the New York Knicks

In the last 5 home games

  • The Detroit Pistons have scored 124.6 points per game.
  • The Detroit Pistons have conceded 111.0 points per game.
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 3 points or less: 0
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 4-10 points: 1

The Detroit Pistons has been on a 3-match losing streak at home which renders the Momentum on the Bucks side.

Pistons vs Bucks Prediction: Offense and Defense Comparisons


The Milwaukee Bucks have played with a scoring rate of 112.4 points so far. They shot 45.6% from the field and 35.5% from the 3-point line. With an Adjusted Offensive Rating of 112.1, the Bucks rank 23rd in the offense.

The Detroit Pistons maintained a scoring average of 112.0 points this season. In shooting, they played with a success rate of 45.3% in field goals and 35.5% in 3-pointers. The Pistons have the 3rd-worst offense among all sides with an Adjusted Offensive Rating of 111.5

Both teams have struggled on offense this year. However, the Bucks have a slightly better offense than the Detroit Pistons.


The Milwaukee Bucks have been conceding 111.4 points per game. They played with an average of 48.3 rebounds. The average number of steals and the average number of blocks are currently at 6.5 and 5.1 respectively. The Bucks are rated 111.1 on defense with a rank of 3rd in the league.

The Detroit Pistons have given away 119.6 points per game in the current season. They maintained an average of 42.5 rebounds, with 7.1 steals and 3.6 blocks. The Pistons rank 29 in the defense having an Adjusted Defensive Rating of 118.2.

Milwaukee Bucks have been dominant in the Defense.

Pistons vs Bucks Odds


  • Miwaukee Bucks -11 (-110)
  • Detroit Pistons +11 (-110)


  • Milwaukee Bucks -600
  • Detroit Pistons: +450

Win Probability

  • Milwaukee Bucks 72.8%
  • Detroit Pistons 27.2%
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Pistons vs Bucks Prediction: Last Game Analysis

Will the Bucks improve on their away record?

The Milwaukee Bucks lost their 12th game on the road, bringing their overall record for away games to 11-12. In their defeat, the Bucks played poorly on both sides of the floor and were largely outplayed by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jrue Holiday led the Bucks with 28 points and 10 assists, who were without Giannis Antetokounmpo for the fifth straight game. The Bucks were outshot by the Cavaliers. The Bucks shot 45.3% from the field to the Cavaliers massive 55.3%. Due to the massive hole left by Giannis Antetokounmpo’s absence, the Bucks have tended to rely on their three-point shooting in their previous five games. The Bucks shot 35.9% from 3-point range. The Bucks also were outrebounded by the Cavaliers to 41-36 and were largely outplayed on points in paint as well.

Will the Pistons woe come to an end?

The Detroit Pistons (12-36) have had a terrible season, and it just got uglier with their third consecutive defeat to the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls thrashed the Pistons 126-118 and Pistons failed to show up on both sides of the Court. Bojan Bogdanovic scored 25 points to lead the Pistons. On 2-of-13 shooting, Killian Haye scored four points for Detroit, but he also recorded a game-high eight assists. The Pistons had terrible shooting performances. The Pistons had terrible field goal percentage (40.2%) and even worse 3-point shooting (23.3%).

Pistons vs Bucks Prediction: Head-to-Head Stats

Both these teams have met 257 times in the regular season of the NBA. The Milwaukee Bucks are ahead with 144 wins, while the Detroit Pistons have won 113 fixtures.

If we check out the last 5 meetings, Bucks dominated as they won 4 games and the Pistons could win only 1. The previous clash took place in the current season. The Milwaukee Bucks won that game with a score of 116-91.

Head-to-Head: Key Highlights (Last 5 Meetings)

  • The Detroit Pistons have failed to single a home game.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks won 1 away game.
  • Average Number of Total Points scored: 217
  • Average Number of Points scored by the Pistons: 102.6
  • Average Number of Points scored by the Bucks : 115.4

Bucks vs Pistons Prediction and Odds: Players to Watch Out

Detroit Pistons

Bojan Bogdanovic (Small Forward)

Points Per Game: 21.2 | Rebounds Per Game: 3.6 | Assists Per Game: 2.8

Cade Cunningham (Point Guard)

Points Per Game: 19.9 | Rebounds Per Game: 6.2 | Assists Per Game: 6.0

Jaden Ivey (Point Guard)

Points Per Game: 15.1 | Assists Per Game: 4.2 | Rebounds Per Game: 4.0

Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Power Forward)

Points Per Game: 31.0 | Rebounds Per Game: 11.9 | Assists Per Game: 5.3

Jrue Holiday (Forward)

Points Per Game: 19.4 | Rebounds Per Game: 4.9 | Assists Per Game: 7.4

Brook Lopez (Center)

Points Per Game: 14.6 | Rebounds Per Game: 6.3 | Blocks Per Game: 2.5

Pistons vs Bucks Winner Prediction

  • Performance Advantage: Bucks
  • Home Advantage: Pistons
  • Offensive Advantage: Bucks
  • Defensive Advantage: Bucks
  • Overall: The Bucks have a huge advantage heading into this match.

The Pistons have been poor on both ends of the court and although the Bucks have been poor on offense in the last few away games, they have enough fire power to take down the Pistons.



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