Lakers vs Hawks Prediction and Odds

Lakers vs Hawks Prediction and Odds

Lakers vs Hawks Prediction: The Atlanta Hawks will be starting as favorites against the Los Angeles Lakers in tonight’s game at the State Farm Arena.

The LA Lakers (14-21) will visit the State Farm Arena in Atlanta tonight to take on the Atlanta Hawks (17-18). The struggling Atlanta Hawks just suffered a 108–107 defeat to the Brooklyn Nets. While the LA Lakers lost 98-112 to the Miami Heat

Lakers vs Hawks Prediction: Last 5 Games analysis

The Lakers have won 1 of their last five away games.

In the last five away games

  • The Lakers have averaged 113.2 points.
  • The Lakers have conceded 122 points on an average
  • Number of games with a difference of 3 points or less: 0
  • Games with a difference of 4-10 points or more: 1

The Atlanta Hawks have won 4 of the last 5 home matches.

In the last 5 home games

  • The Atlanta Hawks have averaged 118.8 points.
  • The Atlanta Hawks have conceded 113.6 points.
  • The number of games with a difference of 3 points or less: 0
  • Games had a differential of 4-10 points or more: 4

The Hawks have the Home advantage tonight

Lakers vs Hawks Prediction: Attack and Defense Analysis


On offense, the Lakers score 115.6 points per game and 48% field goal shooting. In the League, the Lakers are eighth in terms of points scored. The Lakers are second in 2-point scoring and third in dribbling. According to Dunksandthrees, the Lakers have the 20th-highest adjusted offensive efficiency rating in the NBA with a rating of 112.2.

The Atlanta Hawks’ field goal percentage is 46.6%, and they score 114.3 points a game offensively. The Atlanta Hawks have the 22nd-best adjusted offensive rating in the NBA, at 111.9.

Overall, The Lakers have the Offensive edge


The Lakers force their opponents to shoot 47.3% from the field while giving up 117.6 points to them. The Lakers are ranked 27th in terms of points allowed on defense this year. According to dunk and threes, the Lakers have the 8th lowest adjusted defensive ratings in the NBA this year.

The Atlanta Hawks are holding their opponents to a 47.4% field goal percentage and allowing 115.1 points per game on defense. The Hawks’ adjusted defensive rating of 113.4 places them as having the 12th-worst defense in the league this year.

Overall, the Hawks have an edge on defense

Lakers vs Hawks Odds: Moneyline and Spreads


  • Los Angeles Lakers +5 (-119)
  • Atlanta Hawks -5 (-119)


  • Los Angeles Lakers +240
  • Atlanta Hawks -300

Win Probability:

  • Los Angeles Lakers: 23%
  • Atlanta Hawks: 77%
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Lakers vs Hawks Head-to-Head Stats

The Lakers and the Hawks have played each other 336 times during the NBA regular season. With 194 wins to 142 wins, the Lakers have surpassed the Hawks. In the previous five games, the Lakers have won three.

Last Meeting: The Lakers defeated the Hawks 129-121 in the last encounter.

Key Snippets: This fixture

  • The Match between both teams has averaged 221.6 points in the last 5 matches.
  • The Lakers have averaged over 114.00 points in the last 5 matches against the Hawks.
  • The Hawks have averaged 107.6 points in the last 5 matches against the Lakers.

Lakers vs Hawks Prediction: Key Stats

Can the Lakers show up on the road?

Currently, the Lakers are placed thirteenth in the Western Conference (14-21). The Lakers have only won one game in their last six games and have performed poorly in their previous five contests. The Lakers just suffered a loss against the Heat. To 14-21, the Lakers’ record now. Cleveland had the second-worst record of all of James’ teams through 35 games; in his first season in 2003–04, Cleveland had an 11–24 start. The Lakers’ offense was horrible, as they scored fewer goals than the league average. The Lakers scored 44 rebounds and 48.1 field goals.

Can the Hawks exhibit their mettle at home?

The Atlanta Hawks (17-18) are currently ranked ninth in the Eastern Conference. After a good start, the Hawks’ season has taken a setback. The Hawks have won three of their past six games, including their recent loss to the Nets.In a defeat to the Nets, the injury-riddled Hawks (17-18) were without their top scorer Trae Young, top rebounder Clint Capela, and starting forward De’Andre Hunter. The Atlanta Hawks are 43.3% field goals and 36.4% 3-pointers and 47 rebounds.

Hawks vs Lakers Prediction: Players to Watch Out


Trae Young (Point Guard)

Points Per Game: 27.3 | Rebounds Per Game: 2.8| Assists Per Game: 9.9

Dejounte Murray (Shooting Guard)

Points Per Game: 20.5 | Rebounds Per Game: 5.3 | Assists Per Game: 6.2

Bogdanovic (Shooting Guard)

Points Per Game: 17.4| Rebounds Per Game: 3.8 | Assists Per Game: 2.3

LA Lakers

LeBron James (Small Forward)

Points Per Game: 27.8 | Rebounds Per Game: 8.1 | Assists Per Game: 6.6

Anthony Davis (Power Forward)

Points Per Game: 27.4 | Rebounds Per Game: 12.1| Steals per game: 1.3

Russell Westbrook (Point Guard)

Points Per Game: 14.7 | Assists Per Game: 7.7 | Rebounds Per Game: 6.3

Lakers vs Hawks Winner Prediction

  • The Hawks have the home advantage
  • The Hawks have the edge on defense
  • The Lakers have the edge on attack

The Lakers’ unwelcome record of (14-21) this season has brought them to a new low, and they are quite furious about it. The hawks’ recent performance has not been as strong. Both sides have had trouble on defense this year. In terms of our forecast, the Lakers have a recent head-to-head advantage, but the Hawks have recently put together stronger home numbers and can defeat the rusty and unpredictable Lakers.



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