Rockets vs Kings Prediction and NBA Odds

Rockets vs Kings Prediction and NBA Odds: The visitors Sacramento Kings is expected to win against the Houston Rockets.

In an upcoming clash, the Houston Rockets are set to host the Sacramento Kings at the Toyota Center. This season, the Rockets have managed just one win in their four games, while the Kings have secured two victories out of their four matchups. The Rockets enter this game on the back of a recent win, which adds an element of optimism. However, as hosts, they face the challenge of overcoming a significant hurdle, having failed to secure a victory against the Sacramento Kings in their last seven encounters.

Notably, the Rockets also suffered defeat in their last four games when hosting the Kings. These intriguing dynamics set the stage for an exciting matchup, and in this article, we’ll delve into our predictions for the Kings vs. Rockets game, considering the teams’ recent performances and the historical trends that could influence the outcome.

Rockets vs Kings Prediction and Odds: Stats

Home-Away Stats

The Houston Rockets have managed to win 3 of their last 5 home games. This season the Rockets have played twice at home, they won 1 and lost the other one. In their last 5 home games, they defeated the likes of the Charlotte Hornets, the Denver Nuggets, and the Detroit Pistons.

In the last 5 home fixtures

  • The Houston Rockets scored 115.4 points per game.
  • The Houston Rockets conceded 115.4 points per game.
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 3 points or less: 0
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 4-10 points: 2
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of more than 10 points: 3

The Sacramento Kings on the other hand have had 2 wins in their last 5 away games. This season they have maintained a 50% win record in their away games as of now. They have had victories against the Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans.

In the last 5 home fixtures

  • The Sacramento Kings scored 113.2 points per game.
  • The Sacramento Kings conceded 110.2 points per game.
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 3 points or less: 1
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 4-10 points: 2
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of more than 10 points: 2

Rockets vs Kings Prediction: Offense-Defense


The Sacramento Kings have maintained an average of 119.2 points per game so far. They showcased a 44.5% field goal shooting efficiency and a 34.1% accuracy from three-point range. Their free throw success rate is currently at 75.5%. The Kings are in the 5th position in offensive rankings with an Adjusted Offensive Rating of 119.3.

The Houston Rockets posted an average of 107.75 points per game. They struggled with their shooting efficiency, recording a field goal conversion rate of 45.7%, a three-point shooting success rate of 36.7%, and a free-throw accuracy of 73.08%. The Rockets found themselves ranked 27th in offensive performance, as indicated by an Adjusted Offensive Rating of 111.0.

Sacramento Kings is ahead.


The Sacramento Kings permitted their opponents to average 118.0 points per game, with their rivals achieving a 50.0% field goal shooting success rate and a 38.3% accuracy from beyond the arc. Regarding rebounding, the Kings are averaging 46.5 rebounds per game, along with averages of 10.0 steals and 2.5 blocks per game. Defensively, the Kings are ranked 25th in the league, with a defensive rating of 112.4.

The Houston Rockets’ defensive performance witnessed their opponents averaging 118.6 points per game. The opposing teams displayed strong shooting skills, boasting a 48.2% field goal conversion rate and a 37.4% success rate from three-point range. In terms of rebounding, the Rockets averaged 41.5 rebounds per game and also tallied averages of 8.8 steals and 6.2 blocks per game. Houston was ranked 29th in the defensive rankings with an Adjusted Defensive Rating of 119.0.

Sacramento Kings is ahead.

Rockets vs Kings Prediction and NBA Odds

Despite being a visitor, the Sacramento Kings have been favored by the bookmakers to win their upcoming game against the Houston Rockers.


  • Houston Rockets: +3.5 (-110)
  • Sacramento Kings: -3.5 (-110)


  • Houston Rockets: +125
  • Sacramento Kings: -147
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Kings vs Rockets Prediction: Head-to-head

In the regular season, the Kings and the Houston Rockets have faced off in 236 games, with the Kings emerging victorious in 98 and the Rockets in 138. In their most recent five games, the Kings have maintained a perfect record, winning them all.

Furthermore, the Houston Rockets have struggled in their last seven head-to-head matchups against the Sacramento Kings, failing to secure a single victory. Last season, these two teams met four times, and the Kings emerged triumphant in all four of those encounters.

Head-to-Head Key Highlights: Last 5 Meetings

  • The Number of Home games won by the Houston Rockets: 0
  • The Number of Away games won by the Sacramento Kings: 3
  • The Average Number of Total Points scored: 252.0
  • The Average Number of Points scored by the Sacramento Kings: 133.2
  • The Average Number of Points scored by the LA Lakers: 118.8

Rockets vs Kings Prediction and Odds: Players to Watch Out

Houston Rockets

Jalen Green (Shooting Guard)

Points Per Game: 22.1 | Assists Per Game: 3.7 | Rebounds Per Game: 3.7

Kevin Porter Jr. (Shooting Guard)

Points Per Game: 19.2 | Assists Per Game: 5.7 | Rebounds Per Game: 5.3

Alperen Sengun (Center)

Points Per Game: 14.8 | Rebounds Per Game: 9.0 | Assists Per Game: 3.9

Sacramento Kings

DeAaron Fox (Point Guard)

Points Per Game: 28.5 | Assists Per Game: 5.0 | Rebounds Per Game: 4.5

Harrison Barnes (Small Forward)

Points Per Game: 21.5 | Rebounds Per Game: 4.0 | Steals Per Game: 1.0

Domantas Sabonis (Power Forward)

Points Per Game: 20.5 | Rebounds Per Game: 15.0 | Steals Per Game: 2.0

Kings vs Rockets Winner Prediction

  • Home Advantage: Rockets
  • Offensive: Kings
  • Defensive: Kings
  • Recent Performance: Kings
  • Latest Prediction: Kings to Win

The Sacramento Kings will be hosting the Houston Rockets on Saturday night. They have struggled to play against the Kings and are yet to win a game in their last 7 games. Additionally, in the last 5 games hosted by the Rockets, the Kings won 4 and the Rockets won just 1.

Considering the performance of both teams we predict a win for the visitors Sacramento Kings.