Coronavirus and how India is fighting against it?

Coronavirus and how India is fighting against it?

Nitesh Singh

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“I apologise for taking these harsh steps that have caused difficulties in your lives, especially the poor people,” on Sunday 29th March Prime Minister Modi apologised to the nation for ordering a tougher 21 day lockdown. India’s fight against Coronavirus and its success depends upon the actions taken by this man- Narendra Modi. After asking people to show up on their balconies and gates to applaud unsung warriors against coronavirus during the last month’s ‘Janata Curfew’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday 3rd April asked all Indians to display a collective spirit in the fight against the disease by lighting lamps, candles, torches at 9 pm for 9 minutes this Sunday, 5th of April.

Coronavirus infected cases in India has already crossed 2000 mark on 2nd April with 60 reported death. In past three days there has been a 30% rise in the Coronavirus cases in India. If the trend continues by the end of April we may hit a more higher numbers of infected patient with more people succumbing to the virus. If we look at the chart of USA we will find how the numbers increased drastically. On 1st March USA reported only 89 Coronavirus infected cases with 2 death. On 2nd April 2020 USA has total 2,15,344 CoronaAvirus reported cases with 5112 death.

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Along with the Coronavirus India, Modi is also fighting an economic battle. The BSE index have already reached the mark that it was in 2014. With no signs of growth, even if the Modi government is able to deal with Coronavirus, he may be struggling to fix the economic mess that has been created after the world economy has been bought to standstill due to Coronavirus. Moody’s Investors Service sharply cut India’s growth forecast for calendar 2020 to 2.5% from 5.3% estimated barely 10 days ago after the government ordered a nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Today only 31% of India’s believe that Modi has been able to handle Indian economy constructively. Added the already prevalent unemployment with possible recession, Modi may find himself in much tougher ground. Roughly around 70% of respondents on our platform believe that Modi has failed in dealing with unemployment issue of the nation.

Has Modi handled Indian Economy Well?

The fight against Coronavirus depends upon Modi’s actions along with the responsiveness of the public. Lockdown is only a way to enforce social distancing, its success completely depends upon the public. The recent incidents of migrants in Delhi followed by the Nizamuddin Markaza issue have put the entire nation in danger. Blame games have already erupted and its consequences are visible in every part country. However, 78% of our respondents are positive about the way Modi and his government has handled the Coronavirus issue.

We have already entered the 2nd week of Lockdown. This week will be decide how effective lockdown has been for the nation. If we are able to bend the curve, we may see things returning to normal after 14th of April. If we fail and the number of cases multiples then India must be ready for another round of lockdown which may push the future of nation and economy into a disaster.

Modi has always been simple, clear, direct and structured when dealing with any issue. As Chief Minister of Gujarat Modi handled most of the issues efficiently. Be the Gujarat riots, be the terrorist attack on Akshardham Mandir or be it the earthquake the struck Gujarat, Modi as leader has always acted with calm and patience. However, his weakness of communicating with media has never allowed Media to forgive him. Modi knows God forbid if he fails, he will be held accountable for everything that has happened and that may happen. Thus, we can say that in his 19 years of staying at the peak of political power, Coronavirus India is his toughest fight as a Prime Minister.

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