Prop Bets for the 2022 NFL Season

Prop Bets for the 2022 NFL Season

Read our Comprehensive Prop Bets for the 2022 NFL season

Although we’re still a few weeks away from even the preseason kickoff, and there are matters still to be settled about personnel around the league, speculation on this year’s football season is already at an elevated level.

This offseason we’ve seen Tom Brady retire and unretire, Rob Gronkowski retire for the second (and probably, probably final) time and Antonio Brown hint that he’s done with the game. And that’s just the Tampa players. After a break filled with intrigue and in some cases tragedy, the one thing this coming season isn’t going to be is dull.

As we wait for the curtain to rise on another season, predictions are coming thick and fast. As far as there is a consensus on Super Bowl favorites, the finger seems to be pointing toward Buffalo. In a highly competitive AFC, however, there’s every chance they could be knocked out before the championship game if things fall in a certain way. Legitimately, any of the teams in the AFC West could win the division. And for different reasons, the NFC is pretty open too (aside from possibly Tampa, every team in the conference has glaring weaknesses).

So, with the contenders for titles already well covered, now is a good time to look at other future bets you might want to make as you prepare your Ethereum casino betting for this season’s NFL action.

Bets for the 2022 NFL season: Josh Allen to win Offensive Player of the Year

There are reasons why Allen isn’t considered a hot favorite to win this award. He’s one of a bushel of excellent quarterbacks in the AFC, any one of whom could put up record single-season numbers. He’s also part of a definitive team effort in Buffalo; Devin Singletary, or Stefon Diggs, could also potentially put up the big numbers in a season where the Bills are real Super Bowl contenders. But a price of +2000, which is where you’ll find Allen, has to be considered a very tempting place to put your altcoins in a season where he could win his first championship ring.

Bets for the 2022 NFL season: Dan Campbell to win Coach of the Year

The favorite in this market is Brian Daboll, and that’s no huge surprise. Big things are expected of the former Bill Belichick protege, and he has an easy division to show his talents in. Campbell (+1200), however, is a more interesting consideration. With a 3-13-1 record under his belt as Lions coach, he might not seem like he’s poised for greatness. But a career total of eight wins with the 2015 Dolphins and the 2022 Lions is pretty miraculous, as neither of those were good squads. Add the impact that Aidan Hutchison is likely to make on the defensive side of the ball, and this could be the season Campbell starts building something special.

Bets for the 2022 NFL season: Joe Burrow to lead the league in passing yards

Burrow is not the best QB in the league right now, although he might be one day. He’s already played in a Super Bowl, which is something that can’t be said for some of the QBs ahead of him in the conversation. He also has a few things in his favor in this statistical category. He’s got Ja’Marr Chase to throw to, which will help augment the total yardage on his passes. He’s got a competitive division to play in, which will keep him on the field for longer. And also, compared to the likes of Brady and Patrick Mahomes, he’s on a team that will probably be behind in a few games late on, necessitating more deep throws. If Burrow can stay fit, he could well ace this category.

There’s a lot more to be excited about with the season drawing near, including figuring out whether the Dolphins will finally start to look like a playoff side thanks to heavy investment in their offense. The above are just a few examples of bets that could be very smart picks when we finally see the teams run out on the opening weekend.

Prop Bets for the 2022 NFL season

Read our Comprehensive Prop Bets for the 2022 NFL season