Top Five Players in the 2021/2022 NFL Season

Top Five Players in the 2021/2022 NFL Season

Top Five Players in the 2021/2022 NFL Season: With the 2021/2022 season over, we witnessed Los Angeles Rams lift another world championship title in an end-to-end matchup. It’s that time to look at the players and how they rank based on their performance last season. If this were a slot game that you wanted to play at an online casino, it would be the best performance based on experience and gameplay.

In that case, we look at the top five players from last season, in our opinion. So, join us as we break down these excellent players and how they might help their team next season. 

1. Top Five Players in the 2021/2022 NFL Season – Patrick Mahomes

It shouldn’t surprise you if you followed last season’s football that Patrick Mahomes is number 1 on the best NFL players selection. Although he didn’t get the MVP ring last year, we still believe he is currently the best NFL player. In 2020, he threw for more than 4,000 yards alongside throwing up to 38 touchdowns with six interceptions.

Before that, he entered the conversation for the best NFL player. However, he proved it last year, taking the Chiefs to another Conference Championship, even though they missed out on the Super Bowl. With Mahomes still in his 20s, we expect that he will continue improving, and with time he might just get the ring and the Super Bowl.

2. Top Five Players in the 2021/2022 NFL Season – Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald is a defensive player, and because of his great play, he makes it into our top five list. Undoubtedly, he is well on his way to becoming one of the best defensive players in history. He has been tearing oppositions’ offensive and destroying the opponent’s O-Line, disrupting the passing and running game for all the teams he faces. 

He had his best season in 2018, where he grabbed 20.5 sacks, which is only two off the sack record in a single season. In addition, he had 59 tackles alongside four forced fumbles. He’s been to the pro bowl every year since he was drafted. However, he missed out on last season’s pro bowl to prepare for the Super Bowl.

3. Top Five Players in the 2021/2022 NFL Season-Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry is undoubtedly in the shout for the best running back in the NFL. He maintains his spot as the No. 1 Running Back based on what he’s been doing to opposing defenses in recent years, including last season. With more than 2,000 Rushing yards and 17 TDs, it is safe to say he should be awarded the Offensive Player of the year. 

He’s had more than 1,000 Rushing yards and 12 rushing TDs every season since 2018. While running backs don’t always stay at the top level after 30-33 years of age, D.H continues to truck defenders for the Titans while leading them to the divisional playoffs.

4. Top Five Players in the 2021/2022 NFL Season – Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers in the 2020/2021 season led the Packers to a 13-3 record, taking them to the NFC Championship, and he won the MVP that season. It was undoubtedly an amazing year for Rodgers, throwing for 48 Touchdowns, more than 4,000 yards, and only five interceptions. 

Unfortunately, Rodgers couldn’t take the Packers past the Divisional Playoffs, but he did stamp his place among the NFL’s best players last season. Although this was his last season with the Packers, and he couldn’t help them win the Super Bowl, he would be remembered as one of the best QBs to step on Lambeau Field.

5. Top Five Players in the 2021/2022 NFL Season – Deandre Hopkins

Deandre Hopkins is a top wide receiver in the league. Undoubtedly, he is the best, and he’s the only wide receiver to make this list. Hopkins totaled more than 110 receptions, 1,400+ yards, and six touchdowns. 

Even though the Cardinals didn’t make it to the playoffs, he showed how good he could be, and we believe the new season has more in stock for Hopkins and Arizona. 

Final Thoughts

These players have shown how good they can get. However, they need other teammates to pick and help so that the team can get closer to the ultimate goal, which is winning the Super Bowl. With the new season closing in, we would love to see how they hold up against adversaries, and in turn, help the team go far in the new season.

Top Five Players in the 2021/2022 NFL Season

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