1100 Corona Deaths in Gujarat but Congress defections continue

Rajya Sabha Elections have been scheduled on June 19th, which means the lockdown for Politics has also ended.

Two Congress MLAs Jitu Chaudhary and Akshay Patel, submitted their resignation in Gujarat which reduced the Congress party to 66 seats. This means that in the Rajya Sabha Election in Gujarat, the Congress is guaranteed of just 1 out of the 4 seats. They were hoping to win 2.

This is not the first time the Congress has faced defections in Gujarat.

Congress Started with 77 members after the 2017 election winning 42% of the vote. Since then after multiple defections and by-elections, the Congress is left with just 66 members. It needs to be seen how many remain in the party before the 2022 election.

On the Corona Front

Gujarat is now in the 4th place after being in the 2nd place for a long time. Both TN and Delhi have been adding large number of cases in the last one week after they started to open up. But here is the catch!

Gujarat is not increasing its testing Inspite of increasing Cases

During the week between 21st and 28th of May, Gujarat Carried out 33000 tests and found 2666 Cases

During the last one week, Gujarat Carried out 34000 tests and found 2912 Cases. That is at least 2000 fewer Tests.

In the last 4 days, Gujarat added 1800 cases, it had added 1500 cases in the 4 days prior to that. Gujarat could see a massive spike in cases over the next two weeks due to relaxed testing and relaxations of lockdown. It is danger ahead for Gujarat

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