2021 New Jersey Governor Election Opinion Polls and Latest News: Phil Murphy to be re-elected

2021 New Jersey Governor Election Opinion Polls and Latest News: Phil Murphy to be re-elected
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As per the latest 2021 New Jersey Governor Election Opinion Polls, Democrat Phil Murphy is set to be re-elected as Governor of New Jersey.

New Jersey Gubernatorial election is scheduled for 2nd November to elect the new governor. Incumbent governor Phil Murphy will face off against Republican nominee Jack Ciattarelli. In October 2020, Governor Phil Murphy formally announced his intention to run for re-election.

In the 2020 US Presidential Election, Joe Biden won 57.33% of the vote share while Republicans won 41.40% vote share in New Jersey. Biden won huge margins in state’s major cities such as Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Trenton, Atlantic City, Camden, and several others. He even flipped Gloucester County which Trump had won in the 2016 election. Biden also won Morris County, which had never voted Democratic in any presidential race since 1964. Of 565 municipalities, Democrats won 310 municipalities while Republicans were ahead in 255 municipalities. In 2016 they were ahead in 307 municipalities.

2021 New Jersey Governor Election Opinion Polls: Predicted Winner by Opinion Polls

The 2021 New Jersey Governor election Opinion Polls have highly favored the re-election of incumbent Governor Phil Murphy. Here are the timeline of the Opinion Polls released by various firms for the upcoming New Jersey Governor Election:

Phil Murphy
Jack Ciattarelli
June 9 to 16th
May 21st to 29th
New Jersey Globe-Change Research
May 15th to 20th

Among Republicans, 35% have a favorable opinion of Ciattarelli, but 57% said they don’t have an opinion of him. For Phil Murphy, 81% of Democrats approved the work he is doing.

It must be noted that no Democrat has been re-elected as Governor since 1977. However, looking at the current poll numbers, Phil Murphy is on the road to be re-elected as the Governor of New Jersey.

2021 New Jersey Governor Election Opinion Polls: What Happened in the Primary Election?

For Democratic candidature for the upcoming New Jersey Governor election, the incumbent governor Phil Murphy had formally announced in October 2020 that he was running for election. Primary election was held however his two primary challengers were disqualified. As a result, Phil Murphy was declared Democratic candidate unopposed.

For Republican candidature five candidates including the Republican nominee Jack Ciattarelli were in race. Doug Steinhardt withdrew his nomination before the Primary election leaving the fight between four candidates. Jack Ciattarelli got almost 50% of Republican votes while Phil Rizzo got 26% of votes. Hirsh Singh was 3rd in the race with 21.5% votes.

After the Republican Primary election, Jack Ciattarelli was declared as Republican candidate for the upcoming New Jersey Governor election.

2021 New Jersey Governor Election Opinion Polls: What are the latest News coverage?

[28th July] Ciattarelli Says New Jerseyans Shouldn’t Have To Wait Till Midnight To Make A Driver License Appointment Two Months In Advance

[28th July] Phil Murphy appoints two women to fill Bergen County’s top elections posts

[28th July] GOP governor candidate Ciattarelli wants more exemptions to refuse vaccinations in N.J.

[28th July] Trump and DeSantis clash with Biden as the mask wars roar back to life

[22nd July] Former ‘Bridgegate’ Villain Bridget Kelly Is Running for Elected Office in NJ

[22nd July] Rob Astorino vows GOP primary in race for governor while seeking election reforms

[20th July] BlueWaveNJ Endorses Governor Murphy for Re-election

[20th July] Chris Christie to help raise money for Republicans running in governors races

[20th July] Brown to resign from Senate to join Murphy administration

[19th July] NJ Gov. Murphy says nearly all new COVID cases, deaths among unvaccinated

[19th July] N.J. coronavirus update: No mask mandate for schools in the fall

[19th July] Doherty: Don’t Be Shocked If Murphy Uses Delta Variant, Opaque Testing Procedures to Justify Another Shutdown

[19th July] Murphy, Ciattarelli receive additional matching funds as ELEC disperses $2 million

[19th July] New Jersey Officials Concerned Over Uptick In COVID-19 Cases Among Unvaccinated, Announce More Than 3,000 Breakthrough Cases

[19th July] Murphy, Ciattarelli are in a bitter war in N.J. governor’s race. But they have this very strong bond

[16th July] ‘Lawlessness’: Jack Ciattarelli is testing a tough-on-crime message in New Jersey

[13th July] Jack Ciattarelli Makes His Case For New Jersey Governor, Says New Jersey Is ‘Purple’ When It Comes To Statewide Elections

[9th July] Nikki Haley Endorses GOP Candidate Jack Ciattarelli for New Jersey Governor

The governor’s race between Murphy and Ciattarelli is about to heat up. What to expect.

Burlington County Times: Will anyone care who Jack Ciattarelli picks as his running mate?

NJ.com: Murphy opponent Ciattarelli draws fire for saying he’d ‘roll back’ LGBTQ curriculum in N.J. schools

N.J. parents sue Gov. Murphy over mask mandate

2021 New Jersey Governor Election Opinion Polls: What happened in Last Election?

The last New Jersey Governor election was held on November 7, 2017. Ralph Northam was the Democratic candidate while Republican nominated Ed Gillespie as their candidate.

The election saw the highest voter turnout in last 20 years of New Jersey Governor election. A total of 47% of voter turnout was registered. The winning candidate Ralph Northam won the election by the largest margin for a Democrat since 1985. Ralph Northam got 53.9% vote share while Republican Ed Gillespie polled 45% vote share.

New Jersey governor's election results: polls, live updates, and what to  expect - Vox
Murphy is 'not New Jersey,' Republican Ciattarelli says in announcing run  for governor - nj.com

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[…] Also Read: 2021 New Jersey Governor Election Opinion Polls and Latest News […]


[…] Read: 2021 New Jersey Governor Election Opinion Polls and Latest News […]

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