Quebec Election Polls: CAQ To Return to Power Once Again

Quebec Election Polls: CAQ To Return to Power Once Again
June 21st: Quebec Election Polls: The incumbent Coalition Avenir Quebec is set to return to power as per the latest polls.

Quebec is once again going to vote to elect the members of the National Assembly of Quebec. The election is scheduled for October 3rd.

The incumbent party Coalition Avenir Quebec led by François Legault registered a massive win the last election. With over 37% vote share, they won 74 of the 125 seats. Currently, they have 76 seats in the National Assembly.

*Note: 2018 was the first time Coalition Avenir Quebec won the election and formed its government in Quebec.

2022 Quebec Election Polls: Latest Polls

The average of the three latest polls has CAQ leading over Liberals by 24%. If the polls remain to be true, CAQ is set to return to power once again.

PollsDates of PollsCAQLiberalsPQQSPCQ
AverageJune 17th41%17%8%15%16%
LegerMay 22, 2022461881314
Synopsis RechercheMarch 17, 2022441581516
Angus ReidMarch 15, 2022331991619

CAQ looks comfortable as per the latest polls. Coalition Avenir Québec is ahead of the Liberals by over 25%.

2022 Quebec Polls: Google Trends

Candidate Wise

Francois LegaultDominique AngladeGabriel DuboisPaul PlamondonEric Duhaime
June 21st54%17%3.5%3.5%22%

Party wise

June 21st57%17%20%4%

2022 Quebec Polls: Social media Sentiments


LegaultAnglade DuboisDuhaime
June 21st-19.2%-8.6%-18.8%-15.3%

Party wise

June 21st-23%-44%+10-32%

2022 Quebec Election Polls: Latest video

YouTube video

2022 Quebec Polls: Latest Tweets

Nathalie Roy on Twitter: “En partenariat avec le gouvernement du Québec, @LaBelleTournee nous fera découvrir les trésors cachés du Centre-du-Québec ce soir 20h @TVAreseau et vendredi soir 22h @telequebec ! 💙@andrelamontagn2 @Sebastien_DBF @EricLefebvreCAQ @domartell / Twitter”

En partenariat avec le gouvernement du Québec, @LaBelleTournee nous fera découvrir les trésors cachés du Centre-du-Québec ce soir 20h @TVAreseau et vendredi soir 22h @telequebec ! 💙@andrelamontagn2 @Sebastien_DBF @EricLefebvreCAQ @domartell

Quebec Election Polls: What happened in the last elections?

The last Quebec General election was held in the year 2018. CAQ won the elections under the leadership of Francois Legault. CAQ won 74 seats in the Quebec assembly while the Liberals under Philippe Couillard won just 31 seats, 37 seats less than their previous tally.

2018 was the first election won by CAQ. Quebec has been dominated by the politics of Liberals and Parti Québécois since 1989.

2022 Quebec Election Polls: Demographics

Black 3.2%
Latin American1.5%
South Asian1.1%
South-East Asian0.9%
West Asian0.3%

Quebec is a region situated in eastern central Canada. Quebec is one of the largest provinces in Canada for the administration division. This region shares a border with Ontario, James bay Hudson Bay, and Ungava Bay. Quebec also shares its border with New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

Quebec has an approximately 8.18 million population which makes it the second-most populous city in Canada. Montreal is the most popular city in Quebec.

The racial composition of Quebec is 87% white and 11% minority groups. There are a large number of Indians situated here. Among Mohawk, Indian reserves are the largest among all.

Quebec is the only city in Canada that speaks the majority of French language and the English language is spoken by very few people. About 7 million Canadians are descended from these original 2,600 colonists. during the 17th to mid-18th century, a lot of the French population migrated to Canada.

Quebec has the highest number of international adoptions in Canada with 42% of all international adoptions carried out in the province.

Quebec has a smaller number of visible minority groups than British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Manitoba, and most visible minorities live in the Montreal metropolitan area.

Quebec Election Polls

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