2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: Liz Cheney on shaky ground.

2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: Liz Cheney on shaky ground.
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2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: Donald Trump is far ahead of Liz Cheney on Google Search

But, Liz Cheney is ahead of Harriet Hageman

Google Search Update, October 14th

The Wyoming-At-Large Congressional District goes to Election on November 8th, 2022.

The incumbent Representative Liz Cheney is currently facing ferocious attempts to dislodge her in the Republican Primary due to her decision to vote in favour of impeaching Donald J Trump over the 2021 US Capitol Riots.

This decision brought her a lot of blowback from not just Donald Trump and his supporters but also her home state of Wyoming where the local party voted to censure her and called for primarying her.

Not to mention that Donald Trump took it upon himself to do everything he could to seek ‘vengeance’ upon any Republicans who voted to impeach him by defeating and ending their political careers, the most prominent among them on his ‘hitlist’ being Liz Cheney.

Cheney has to beat Trump’s hold on the GOP to keep her seat in Wyoming | USA TODAY

2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: Candidates in the Republican Primaries

The race to be the Republican Candidate in the Republican Primary is already in full swing even thought there are more than 10 months till the primary.

The Reason:- Liz Cheney.

It can be said that the race to replace incumbent Liz Cheney started no sooner after she voted to impeach Donald Trump for the second time this January 13th just after she was sworn into office for the term 2020-2022.

The major candidates running in this Primary are:-

Some of the candidates who decided to drop out after President Trump decided to endorse Harriet Hageman and followed in his footsteps by endorsing Harriet Hageman are:-

  • Bryan Miller, chair of the Sheridan County Republican Party and candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014 and 2020
  • Darin Smith, attorney, Christian Broadcasting Network executive, and candidate for this seat in 2016

2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: Endorsements

Due to the early activity in this race and the national attention it has attracted, many Republicans have already endorsed or chosen their candidate of choice

1)Liz Cheney

  • George W Bush, 43rd President
  • Bill Cassidy, U.S. Senator from Louisiana
  • Jeff Flake, former U.S. Senator from Arizona
  • Susan Collins, U.S. Senator from Maine
  • Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts(2015 – present )
  • Jeb Bush ,Governor of Florida(1999 – 2007)
  • Paul Ryan, US House Speaker (2015 – 2019)
  • John Boehner, US House Speaker (2011 – 2015)

Many of Liz Cheney’s supporters and donors can be considered to belong to the Republican ‘Establishment’ , ‘Never-Trumper’ and moderate wings of the party

2) Harriet Hageman

  • Donald J Trump, 45th President
  • Bell Stepien, Donald Trump’s campaign manager for the 2020 Presidential Election

There are no 2022 Wyoming House Race Polls on the Democrat Primary simply because there is no activity on the Democrat Side regarding this house seat. Statistics posted below may tell us why they aren’t enthusiastic about this election regardless of who wins this Republican Primary

2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: Latest Polls

The only 2022 Wyoming House Race Polls that have been carried out were carried out before Trump endorsed Harriet Hageman so they are not in sync with present conditions, but they do give us a glimpse into the amount of disillusionment Wyomites have against Liz Cheney for her vote to impeach Trump.

As per the available 2022 Wyoming House Race Polls:-

Polling Company
Liz Cheney
Anthony Bouchard
Chuck Gray
Darin Smith
July 28th
July 28th
July 26th
McLaughlin and Associates
January 25th-26th

Crowds Videos

Liz Cheney SLAPS Trump with B.RURAL ‘prosecution’ move a.gainst ‘MAGA’ Scalise…Trump f.leds

Liz Cheney Stabs Republicans In The Back a Second Time In Front of General Mark Milley

Reminton Research Group

  • In a fight between Liz Cheney vs Darin Smith, Darin Smith would overwhelming win 70% to 20%
  • Even in a four fledged fight, Liz Cheney is at second place and 5 points behind Darin Smith(24%)
  • 70% of people polled said the a hypotethical endorsement for Darin Smith from Trump would make them more likely to vote for him

McLaughlin and Associates

  • It puts Chuck Gray ahead as the forerunner at 25% and Liz Cheney in second place at 23%
  • In any 2 person race,
  • In a two-way race, Chuck Gray would beat Cheney 63% to 24%. Darin Smith would also beat her, 54% to 22%.
  • 53% of Primary voters view her as Liberal, only 26% labelled her a Conservative
  • Trump has a 79% approval rating in Wyoming

2022 Wyoming House Race Polls : Racial Demographics of the State

As per the 2020 Census

White American
Hispanic American

An overwhelming majority of voters in the state are White, the same is the case in the Republican Primary

2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: Latest Google Search Update, October 14th

Google Search Confirms that there is still tremendous support for Trump in Wyoming and that there is a lack of sufficient support and enthusiasm for Liz Cheney

Last 7 days:-

Donald Trump: 90%
Liz Cheney: 7.5%
Harried Hageman: 2.5%

wyoming 4

2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: How Wyoming has voted in the past

2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: Latest Voter Registration Statistic

As per figures released by the Wyoming Secretary of State.
Wyoming has about 300,00 registered voters

Registered Republicans are 69.06% of all total voters
Registered Democrats are 16.907% of all total voters

Republicans are a majority of all voters in all but 2 counties in the state.

Wyoming is known as one of the Reddest and most conservative States in the Country, Donald Trump won Wyoming by the highest voter margin over Biden compared to every other state in the union.

The last time the Democrats won a state wide elected office was in 2010 and the last time they held a Senator Seat was in 1976.

A)Presidential Elections

The last time Wyoming voted for a Democratic President was in 1964.

Since 1968, no Democrat has crossed 40% of the total Voteshare

Republican Voteshare
Democratic Voteshare

B)House of Representative Seat

Wyoming due to its low population has always had only one seat in the US House of Representatives since it was admitted to the Union. The last time the state elected a Democrat to this seat was in 1976. And the last time the seat witnessed a competitive election was in 2006.

Republican Candidate
Republican Voteshare
Democratic Candidate
Democratic Voteshare
Liz Cheney
Lynette Grey Bull
Liz Cheney
Greg Hunter
Liz Cheney
Ryan Greene
Cynthia Lummis
Richard Grayson
Cynthia Lummis
Chris Henricksen

C) Liz Cheney’s Primary Performance

Liz Cheney’s Voteshare

Liz Cheney first contested in 2016 . She won the 2016 Primary due to multiple candidates(Wyoming has a First past the post voting system in its primaries where the winner is the one who holds a majority or plurality)
This makes it clear that there were many Republicans even in 2018 and 2020 who disliked Liz Cheney

2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: Latest Campaign News, October 14th

October 14th

Donald Trump is doing everything he can to hurt Republican chances in 2022

Peter Thiel lines up against Liz Cheney

CNN Paints Cheney Challenger As NeverTrump Flip-Flopper, But So Was Half The Republican Party

US Marshals could go after Trump aides as Liz Cheney vows charges for those who dodge subpoenas

Hageman raised roughly $300,000 in first three weeks of campaign

Harriet Hageman once rebuked Trump and endorsed Liz Cheney. She’s now challenging her with his supportPeter Thiel lines up against Liz Cheney

2022 Wyoming House Race Polls: Latest Videos and Tweets , October 14th

Originally tweeted by Rep. Liz Cheney (@RepLizCheney) on October 14, 2021.

It’s in our economic & national security interest to boost domestic energy production instead of relying on our adversaries.

I joined a number of my colleagues in urging President Biden to reverse his Admin’s misguided policies to combat rising energy prices.

Originally tweeted by Harriet Hageman (@HagemanforWY) on October 14, 2021.

President Trump fought for energy independence and led us to the lowest gas prices in decades. It took Joe Biden less than one year for gas prices to reach their highest in decades. Wyomingites cannot afford Joe Biden’s energy policies.

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