2nd HIV+ Patient Recovers: News We Missed Amid COVID-19 Crisis

1. Putin could rule for life as Russian parliament gives it a green light

After four terms in the office, Putin is set to be President for life, as he said that he would approve changes in the constitution that would allow Vladimir Putin to stay in power as President till 2036. Currently, without any new changes, his term will end in 2024. Second HIV patient cured in London.

2. Adam Castillejo is the second man to be cured of HIV, after going through a stem cell treatment, which he received for cancer.

The first patient to have been cured of the virus was Timothy Brown, who underwent the same treatment.

Lead researcher Ravindra Kumar Gupta told BBC news, “”Our findings show that the success of stem-cell transplantation as a cure for HIV, first reported nine years ago in the Berlin Patient, can be replicated.”.

HIV drugs aren’t effective enough to cure a person but can assist one to live a normal healthy life. The stem cell treatment can help researchers in finding a possible cure for HIV.

3. Wildlife in danger in Uttarakhand. More than 45 wildfires break out.

Uttarakhand has been burning for many days, and more than 46 wildlife breakouts have been reported, burning over 53 hectares of forest. Wildlife and trees are at the verge of destruction, as the fire is engulfing the forest in its flames and the consequences are catastrophic. Two people have reportedly died due to the Uttarakhand fire, and one person is injured. Kumaon alone has 21 forest fire breakouts.

4. Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.

Technical disturbances in satellites are being caused due to Earth’s magnetic field weakening between Africa and south America. There is normal fluctuation in the magnetic field, and the drop is not too drastic or worrisome.

5. Antarctica’s snow turns green due to global warming.

Climate change and warming have turned Antarctic snow green, and is even visible from space. “We now have a baseline of where the algal blooms are and we can see whether the blooms will start increasing as the models suggest in the future,” Matt Davey said, Who is in the department of plants and sciences in the university of Cambridge.

6. Costa Rica legalized same sex marriage

The country lifted it’s ban on same sex marriage on Tuesday. Gay equality activist Mark Castillo said, “This is a step in social equality. The fact that Rodrigo and I are able to come marry each other in a court is progress”. People have been celebrating the amendment and many couples tied the knot after much struggle for legalization.

7. Latin America is the new epicenter

Brazil has shown major spike in the number of people infected with CORONAVIRUS. A new trend has been observed where more youngsters, who were forced to work, being driven by poverty, have died due to the virus.

8. Nepal’s new official map based on historical documents.

Nepal has released its new “official” map, which is based on historical documents from the nineteenth century. Indian External affairs ministry spoke against the idea, and made it clear that they will not support “artificial enlargement” of Nepal.

9. Michigan floods

Two dams breached in the state, causing thousands to evacuate. The state has been flooded by the breached dams and heavy rainfall. A state of emergency has been declared in Michigan, warned of “historic flooding” in the state.

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