4 Deadliest Cyclones that hit India

4 Deadliest Cyclones that hit India
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As cyclone Amphan (below) comes closer to India, here is a list of 4 of the deadliest cyclones that have hit India

1977 Andhra Pradesh Cyclone, Wind Speeds, 250 km/ hr


A total of 10000 people died due to this cyclone, most of them in the Krishna Delta region

Odisha Supercyclone 1999, Wind Speeds 276 km/hr

1999 Odisha cyclone - Wikipedia

A total of 9887 people perished in the Cyclone, all in Odisha with 8119 in Jagatsinghpur district alone

1998 Gujarat Cyclone, Wind Speeds 165 km/ hr

TC Gujarat 1998.gif

A total of 1173 Perished with 1774 missing. Unofficial figures put the number much higher

1990 Andhra Super Cyclone, Wind speeds 230 km/ hr

BOB 01 May 8 1990 0802Z.png

A total of 967 people lost their lives in Andhra Pradesh

Featured Image Source: India TV, Odisha Cyclone 1999

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