4 Pics from the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination 1991

4 Pics from the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination 1991
Rajiv Gandhi road show in Jhansi in February 1991. Pic by Girish Saxena
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Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination was carried out 29 years ago . That assassination came within 7 years of the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi. The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi was the 3rd such attempt on his life. The first one was on Gandhi Jayanti, 1986. The second was on July 1987 in Sri Lanka.

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1986, New Delhi
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1987, Sri Lanka

Here are 4 pictures on the day of the assassination in 1991 when elaborate planning and major security breaches enabled the terrorists to come quite close to Rajiv Gandhi.

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Rajiv Gandhi arrives from Gunupur Odisha, Press Conference in Chennai
The gory end - Frontline
Terrorists waiting at the Congress event venue in Sriperumbudur

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Terrorist Comes close to Rajiv Gandhi

image 34
Post Explosion Picture, Congress leaders Moopnar and Jayanti N checking for Life

The last major assassination was not Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. It was that of Punjab CM Beant Singh in 1995.

PC: Daily Mail, AP

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