5 reasons why Modi will return as PM in 2019

In 5 States, a minimum of 20% of the households were covered by Saubhagya (electricity). A total of 170 Lok Sabha Seats are located here

Swacch Bharat covered 50% of homes in 11 States. A total of 302 Lok Sabha Seats are located here

Ujjwala (LPG) covered 20% of homes in 11 States. A total of 328 Lok Sabha Seats are located here

Agriculture Growth has while lower than UPA has still hovered around 7.5% over the last 5 years much higher than the Vajpayee years. Further, there is little evidence to show that Agriculture alone is a factor in any election

Overall GDP growth has on an average hovered around the 7% mark. This is not brilliant but is better than the 2009 to 2014 year period. Inflation too has fallen significantly.


While 35% of the voters are dissatisfied, 59% are satisfied as well. Anything below 55% makes it risky. Also, most dissatisfied voters are in BJP weak States. The UPA -2 Govt had a satisfaction level of 47% and dissatisfaction of 43%

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