59 Chinese Apps banned. China will retaliate immediately

59 Chinese apps banned by India: This is in retaliation to the recent killing of 20 Indian Soldiers and also illegally occupying Indian territory on the LAC. There have been fears for years that China uses these apps to spy on Indians.

Chinese Apps banned: The List

The list includes popular apps like TikTok, Helo, WeChat, Newsdog, Shareit, UC Browser, Wesync and Cam Scanner

Chinese apps banned!!!

This will impact Chinese apps business in India and also invite similar bans from other countries in the world.

59 Chinese Apps banned. Will China retaliate?

The decision to ban the apps must have come after making little headway in the talks with China. Knowing how China operates, they will retaliate where it hurts.

Chinese authorities have also begun to hold back Indian exports in China already.

During its trade conflict with US, China has constantly retaliated against every American move.

After Australia initiated an enquiry into China’s COVID-19, China initiated numerous trade bans on Australia to hurt the country

Against Canada, China arrested two Canadians on Spying accusations. This is after Canada arrested Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou

So a Chinese retaliation is coming, in what form no one knows.

Chinese apps banned: Which sectors could be impacted by Chinese retaliation?

  1. Indians travelling to China could be the first ones to be harassed by Chinese authorities
  2. Sectors dependent on Chinese Imports – Electronics, Machinery, Chemicals/ Pharma, Plastics Fertilisers etc
  3. Sectors that export to China in large values – Organic Chemicals, Ores, Fish related products, Electrical and Mechanical Machinery
  4. Chinese investors have been investing heavily in Indian start ups. That too might be controlled now

What both India and China are likely to do is route trade through 3rd countries. So there might be some initial disruption but things could settle down.

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