8 UP Policemen Killed : Who is Vikas Dubey and what is his SP Connection?

8 UP Policemen Killed: Eight policemen including senior police officer of the rank of deputy superintendent of police, 3 sub-inspector and four constables were shot dead in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur during a police raid to nab noted history-sheeter Vikas Dubey’s house on July 2 late night. 

The raid was supposed to take place at Bikru Village in Kanpur district. The police were in a look-out for Vikas Dubey, a wanted criminal. He was accused of murder by a villager. An FIR was fired in Bikru village under Chaubepur police station area of Kanpur district. However, The criminals tricked the police, as they blocked parts of the road which led to the Bikru Village. Taking advantage of the obstacles they created by putting a heavy earthmover right in the middle of the passage, the criminals began firing at the police from the rooftops. 8 policemen lost their lives and 2 criminals were killed. Vikas Dubey, however managed to escape from the scene.

Who is Vikash Dubey who killed 8 UP Policemen?

Resident of Bikru village, Vikas Dubey is one of the big name in the world of crime in Uttar Pradesh. He has had a pretty intensive criminal record. He has been involved with over sixty crimes. He was involved in murder of BJP leader Santosh Shukla. He was arrested for the crime but was later released due to the lack of evidence in 2001.

Vikas Dubey is also believeed to be have been involved in murder of Siddheshwar Pandey, an Assistant Manager of Tarachand Inter College in Shivali police station area of Kanpur in 2000.

In 2018, though in jail, he is believed to have plotted the attack on his cousin Anurag. When the attack was carried out he was in Mati Jail in Uttar Pradesh.

Vikash Dubey also has a political career. According to sources at India Today and Indian express he was member of Samajwadi Party and had also won Shivajinagar Panchayat election. When he was election he was in jail. Not only this even his wife Richa Dubey had contested election in 2015 on Samajwadi Party’s ticket and had won zilla-panchayat election.

How does this incident becomes politically Important?

Since Yogi Adityanath took over charge as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2017, over 5000 encounters have been carried out by the UP Police. Yogi Adityanath had vowed to end crimes in Uttar Pradesh and make sure that rule of law is followed. Since 2017, 103 criminals are reported to have been killed in encounters conducted by the UP Police. However, the incident of 2nd July puts a big question mark on the claim of UP Police and Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath.

The crime in Uttar Pradesh is yet to be brought under control. The killing of 8 Uttar Pradesh police creates a sense of fear in the hearts of common citizens who rely on the police force for their safety. Uttar Pradesh Election to UP assembly is due to be held in the year 2022. However, the political temperature in state has already risen. After the eviction of Priyanka Gandhi from her Lodhi estate bungalow, she is believed to make her way to Lucknow and make the city her next home. It is reported that Congress may declare Priyanka Gandhi as their CM Candidate for 2022 Assembly election.

On the other hand the other two parties BSP and SP have got an opportunity to question the Yogi Adityanath government who has always boasted about improving law and order system under his rule. With the killing of 8 UP Policemen, BJP seems to be in back-foot at present. Questions will arise that if policemen are not safe in the state, how can the common citizen feel safe in the state.

How is UP Police Acting After 8 UP Policemen Killed?

UP Police have sealed the Kanpur border. Mobile phone signals of around 500 phones have been detected in the region and are being tracked. CCTV Footage is also being collected from the check posts. The case is getting special attention, as a forensic team from Lucknow will also report to the site for more investigation. The matter is now in the hands of the Special Task force.

Deputy superintendent of police Devendra Mishra, sub-inspectors Mahesh Yadav, who was the station officer of Shivrajpur, Anup Kumar, Babulal and constables Sultan Singh, Rahul, Jitendra and Babloo were the brave men who lost their life on line of duty. May their soul rest in peace and we hope that the ones involved in killing of these men be arrested as soon as possible.

8 UP Policemen Killed : Who is Vikas Dubey and what is his SP Connection?

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