Abdul Sattar MLA, Silod Maharashtra : Achievements

Abdul Sattar MLA, Silod Maharashtra : Achievements
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Abdul Sattar

Member of Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra

Constituency : Silod



To help increase water levels for irrigation,worked on the Nillod, Charner, Pendhgaon, Jalki (Vasai) central projects.Set up of many cement dams, mud dams, farm ponds..Repairs of Kolhapuri Dam as well as other spring water lakes which has helped to increase irrigation in the region. [Link]

Every year water shortage would affect developmental work in the city. Abdul Sattar using innovative ideas dug up canals from the Khelna Medium Irrigation Project to solve the shortage successfully. This idea has been used elsewhere in the state to solve similar water problems.

He has changed the face of the constituency by bringing in a lot of funds for developmental work. Roads in the city as well as the village areas were in bad condition. These roads were repaired ensuring smooth movement of traffic. The town of Sillod now has cement roads and good drainage system along with bridges.Public auditoriums and wedding halls have been built.

Medical service centers have started operating in various areas. In the Sillod zilla a well equipped hospital,and two trauma care centers in Sillod-Ajanta have come up. Work on a child care center and a women’s hospital has started. Financial help for farmers suffering from drought, excessive rainfall, untimely rainfall and hailstorms has been taken up on war footing. [Link]

For the empowerment of women, financial help is made available at very low interest rates to women through the Mahila Bachat Gat.

In the Sillod’s future Tanker Mukt (Tanker Free) the water supply for project is sourced from the Khadakpurna Dam.

Other Achievements

Jan Sanwad Abhiyan to connect with people on regular basis.

Sanitation campaign started for Silod Municipal Council.

Tree Plantation at Ajantha.Development of Silod marketplace.

Improvement of services and infrastructure at district hospital.Diagnosis camp, free eye-check up, operation camp were orgaised.& Patients were treated by expert panel of Doctors. [Link]

Mr. Sattar has taken efforts to get separate women and children hospital approved. This will be built near ‘Gol Davakhana’. [Link]

A new auditorium will be built above Ram Rahim market to serve as a platform for all cultural programs

To nurture a reading culture, libraries are going to be opened in every sector of the city.

Source: abdulsattar.in

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