Abhay Singh Chautala, Ellenabad, Haryana, Achievements

Abhay Singh Chautala, Ellenabad, Haryana, Achievements
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  • While representing Rori constituency in the Haryana assembly, he successfully pleaded to open an engineering college named Jananayak Chaudhary Devi Lal Memorial College at Panniwala Mota.
  • He opened Shrimati Haraki Devi Memorial College for Women where poor but deserving girls are provided free boarding, lodging and fee concessions.
  • Further, to encourage the movement of girls to educational institutions, free transportation facility is provided to those students who live in the nearby villages.
  • Mr. Chautala pushed the idea of popularising and promoting sports in the rural areas in general and among girls of Haryana. Because of his persistent efforts, Govt. of Haryana adopted a new Sports Policy aimed at popularising sports and games, opening rural stadiums in various parts of the state and increasing diet allowance of sportspersons. It also provide reservation of a certain percentage of seats in government educational institutions and jobs under the sports quota, besides the provision of handsome incentives and cash prizes for the sports persons winning medals in the Olympics, Asian Games, Common Wealth Games and other international sports and game competitions.
  • Mr.Chautala also facilitated the opening of several job oriented and professional courses to meet the fast emerging scenario of globalisation.

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